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  The iPhone 4 has 512MB of memory unlike the 3GS and iPad with 256. The CPU is more than a mild overclock as well. The A4, while a Cortex A8 is an entirely different design from it's predecessor in the 3GS.  The only common denominator is the SGX535 GPU.
That's crap. If the original Motorola Droid with a 550Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM running Android 2 in 2009 could handle Google Maps Nav Turn by Turn WITH voice actions, it's far from a stretch to expect Apple to get it right on a device with double the horsepower and specs, 3 years later, on a superior, MORE efficient platform. 
  Keep in mind it's still the just the first beta.
In all seriousness, how is this not some type of fragmentation and cause customer confusion?    Siri works here, turn by turn works there but not here...come on. Apple is slowly moving away from that unified coherent experience that separates them from the rest. Crap phones from the 3 years ago with half the specs can handle turn by turn, so the guise of technical limitations seems ridiculous. This doesn't change my opinion of Apple and I'm sure they expect everyone...
You essentially could do most of that between Google Music and Google Drive, not that I'm suggesting it's superior. 
  Well if this accurate from the other article:     Then it does make business sense. However I'm with you in that I'd prefer it stuck around.
  Considering it's a big part of my day job, you'd be fired on the same day for thinking so around here and building a report from it.  But you're entitled to your own opinion. Keep in mind Neilson uses no less than 70,000 for the same study. 
    I know how stats work, but 521 people is a terribly small sample.
It's definitely looking like a micro-USB connector with MHL for HD video out, much the way it works in other phones and devices. Between Air-Play, iCloud, and OTA updates, other than charging, the need for a connector is dwindling these days anyway, unless you're clinging to your old iHome stuff. 
I guess all those crappy 16:9 4in Android phones were ahead of their time 2 years ago?
New Posts  All Forums: