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This was a good laugh. All flat out lies. Love to see where you came up with fake this list other than the toilet paper you recently used. Android Messenger? Never happening, It's called Google Talk since day 1. Faster? JIT compiler since 2.2, Landscape mode? ...Really?   It's not like it took iOS years or anything to get basic functionality like copy and paste, multitasking, 802.1x, proper notifications....
Working products for the press to use is hardly vaporware. Learn the definition.    Why is predicting success as failure ok in this case but not others? Because Mac enthusiasts just hate Microsoft so glass is automatically half empty? Yes MS had a string of failures 5 years ago, from Vista to Zune to Tablet PCs but their more recent efforts have been much better. Windows 7, 360 S, Kinect etc. They are too big and have too much money to be dismissed so easily. Surface...
It has since been corrected. It was not correct an hour ago. At least they're not entirely asleep at the wheel. 
  Seriously, who writes for AI?? Obviously the iPhone is 3:2 and the iPad is 4:3.
First off, while this 'rumor' is probably obvious, enough with the DIGITIMES!!!   Agreed. It's the 6th phone. However I doubt any of it matters as it will probably follow the iPad convention and just be the new iPhone or less likely iPhone LTE, with no number attached at all.
  Frankly I think this extra window is precisely for that reason, so when it is appealed either way, it will be shown both sides had numerous chances at this.
Can't wait to order one myself in a few weeks.    Only 'negative' things I've heard are it will run hot under load, and battery is more like 5 and change than 7. 
Actually Samsung has said that this litigation has actually HELPED them a lot. Free brand exposure and such, the article was on the Verge a week or so ago, have to see if I can find it.
      Except Verizon and Sprint's 4 and 4S run on the exact same network, but good try. 
Carriers may be a reasonable answer, except Skype is bigger than Facetime and works on 3G, as does every other Video calling service.        This will be the cop-out answer like Soph's yesterday with the maps, which is illogical on multiple levels. If it works on Wifi, it's not taking any more phone resources, and if it's carriers, the other devices handle just fine and those are increasing in number with 4's decreasing over time, so load would still only rise. No such...
New Posts  All Forums: