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I apologize in advance if this is harsh, but for the basic retail sales staff (not genius) how are they really different than any other retail job selling a product? Just because the company is successful doesn't make their position anymore valuable. 
  This isn't the OJ trail, his is the only one that matters.     That's quite a case of denial you've got there, and it's still obvious you haven't read the decision. The judge rejected it because it didn't meet the legal qualifications for assessing damages. The same went for Motorola by the way. This has been something he's asked for very publicly numerous times. Everything Posner said is explained and documented with references. The only demonstration of bias here is...
  While long I really think you need to read the entire opinion and order, as I have just done, because you are taking grossly extrapolated points by AI and trying to make arguments that already have been answered and explained by the judge. You're also missing the point, or rather the judge's, entirely.
  Oh so you're now a judge and know more than one most respected judges in the country. Stop. 
  Oh yea? Why? Because you're not happy with the outcome?: All things point to it being very unlikely, especially given Posner's turnover rate (extremely low)       Utter nonsense, call a waambulance.        LOL, sure. That's some RDF you've got going there, what kind of smokes are available inside?
  To be realisitc, just because 'some guy on the internet' poster says he wasn't doesn't mean he's being honest, but still a fair point. The update to the original:   Well I guess that was nice of them.
Considering all the damage is done right next to the charger, and not the battery, I'd bet there's a strong possibility some $.50 car charger is more to blame than the phone, but still unacceptable. However being a fireman myself, I've been to more electrical fires and flareups in homes in the last year or two year in my area than I've seen reported from the millions of chargeable devices roaming the planet in the last 5, so these are still quite rare occurrences. Unless...
You 100% fail.   Samsung owns Bada, and several million phones are out there running it. Every version gets closer and closer to being an Android fork too.
This was a good laugh. All flat out lies. Love to see where you came up with fake this list other than the toilet paper you recently used. Android Messenger? Never happening, It's called Google Talk since day 1. Faster? JIT compiler since 2.2, Landscape mode? ...Really?   It's not like it took iOS years or anything to get basic functionality like copy and paste, multitasking, 802.1x, proper notifications....
Working products for the press to use is hardly vaporware. Learn the definition.    Why is predicting success as failure ok in this case but not others? Because Mac enthusiasts just hate Microsoft so glass is automatically half empty? Yes MS had a string of failures 5 years ago, from Vista to Zune to Tablet PCs but their more recent efforts have been much better. Windows 7, 360 S, Kinect etc. They are too big and have too much money to be dismissed so easily. Surface...
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