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Carriers may be a reasonable answer, except Skype is bigger than Facetime and works on 3G, as does every other Video calling service.        This will be the cop-out answer like Soph's yesterday with the maps, which is illogical on multiple levels. If it works on Wifi, it's not taking any more phone resources, and if it's carriers, the other devices handle just fine and those are increasing in number with 4's decreasing over time, so load would still only rise. No such...
Having the beta, I noticed this last night in that it didn't work.       Of course, as does other services and jailbreaks. This is Apple writing it's own arbitrary rules.
Completely agree.
  Rather short sighted comment. Adapters of either kind, wired or wireless are not allowed here period, and I know this office isn't the only one. Simply for security reasons, and MAC address enforcement. 
  Siri was addon feature. Not a replacement of a core app. Again, if a 500Mhz phone with half the memory can run navigation while multitasking over a 144kbps 2G internet connection 3 years ago, why can't it now? Apple's that inept? Google's that far ahead? I'll give you the answer. YOU DON"T KNOW. Frankly you're just another person with an opinion and an internet connection .          Touche. 
  Get a grip. Apple stood on stage making this a centerpiece for iOS 6 and then slapped half the installed userbase in the face saying you can't have it forking a core functionality of a preinstalled app. That's NOT consistent and not 'a stupid reason'. They are offering no explanation, leaving people like you to make poorly supported excuses as to why it's being done. The Siri situation I could understand, but this is entirely different and I don't think people are being...
    This has nothing to do with that. In this case we are talking about a functionality that we know many other devices (including standalone) with much less specs run well. In this case, it doesn't pass muster and people should hold Apple accountable to that standard. 
  The iPhone 4 has 512MB of memory unlike the 3GS and iPad with 256. The CPU is more than a mild overclock as well. The A4, while a Cortex A8 is an entirely different design from it's predecessor in the 3GS.  The only common denominator is the SGX535 GPU.
That's crap. If the original Motorola Droid with a 550Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM running Android 2 in 2009 could handle Google Maps Nav Turn by Turn WITH voice actions, it's far from a stretch to expect Apple to get it right on a device with double the horsepower and specs, 3 years later, on a superior, MORE efficient platform. 
  Keep in mind it's still the just the first beta.
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