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Comparing Open Office to Office is akin to Android Tablets to the iPad.
Well the article is about surpassing PC sales in this whole so called 'post PC' era, which I never understood anyway, but I digress.
Yes, there's certainly been a shift. However my iPad can still only handle about 40% of my day job. So I can't call it a PC replace-r by an stretch.
Precisely. Given the yield of A5s they need, they would have more than enough. The practice is common in all corners of the tech industry.
Absolutely. In fact that's probably what they are.
Very happy with mine! 1080p well worth it.
It's amazing how many people seem to forget this.
And unlimited internet is really unlimited huh? Yes, just this one time little boys and girls...wink wink nudge nudge. See you again in 7 years when you beg for it again. And the band played on...
I know right, taxes are just so unfair! Why would anyone want to do that? Let's get rid of all of them! Surely someone else must be willing to pay up for everything in our society.
Kind of. If Congress did nothing and companies needed to bring money back they would just have to suck it up, no? That makes what you say more an opinion and not really fact. If companies just continually waited for tax holidays what's the point of having rules at all? Whole thing seems like a joke. No wonder we're in such a mess.
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