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It's definitely looking like a micro-USB connector with MHL for HD video out, much the way it works in other phones and devices. Between Air-Play, iCloud, and OTA updates, other than charging, the need for a connector is dwindling these days anyway, unless you're clinging to your old iHome stuff. 
I guess all those crappy 16:9 4in Android phones were ahead of their time 2 years ago?
It seems the expectations for either system are a tad too high. This is what 3D maps are. I have little doubt based the Apple/C3 take will be much different. There's no way this was 'thrown together." either. There's massive amounts of data to be collected and structured. It doesn't happen overnight. Google didn't have to re show navigation layered over it, they already offer that. They say they have over a Billion active users a month of maps, that's a heck of a...
This exactly. What's next, complaing phones using LG's IPS LCD are copying the iphone screen too?
  Save face? Google Maps is generally considered the best mapping solution around at present and most popular. I don't think save face works. There will always be an option for Google Maps on iOS in some form regardless. (especially given comments around deal renewals) It's possible TS could be right, but that doesn't make sense entirely either. 
While this will be appealed upon appeal, it does seem for what was originally supposed to be biggest storm for Android, it may not even get overcast. Heh.
    This may be in fact true, but on face value...what else is he going to say, his best days are behind him?!? 
  Do you have any understanding of APIs and software development? Or do you just post trolling comments for laughs? Either way, no developer anywhere checks 200 devices, and nor is there a reason to.
I'm going to take the opposite stance. I don't think this is happening. The 3GS is just too old. You can get better hardware on free crappy Android handsets these days for starters. And what happens when the 3GS DOESN'T get iOS 6 in a few months and begins losing app compatibility and support? Especially if the new iPhone does change screens and dimensions... Maybe it happens with 8GB 4.
  You're still missing the point and no your points don't apply.    To your 1: That's solely based on your goal posts. Samsung could do a release when they hit 10 million, or after x number of days since announcement. Just because an exec said something ahead of a potential announcement doesn't mean it's wrong, your argument doesn't hold up.   To your 2: Get out a little more. The US isn't even the largest smartphone market anymore, and there is no US marketing (other...
New Posts  All Forums: