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Oh I expect a lot of iPad 1 upgrades. I'd bet almost half of the base still using one will move to the 3 in the next 6 months.
I'm not at all surprised and it's not about losing interest. It's a tablet, not a phone and unsubsidized so the upfront costs are higher. Look how many millions of people JUST bought the iPad2 through the holidays. You honestly think the average person is going to run out and buy the newerish one launch weekend because the screen may be a little better? It's no doubt going to be a runaway success, in time, this go around. I'd very much assume the majority of sales are...
Yeah, and 'this will be the year of the Linux desktop.' Yeah all 5 of them if that. Doubtful. It's been final since June 2010. 3.0 has been around since April 2009. There's just no real demand for it, and device makers have to still support the lowest common demoninator, which is still 2.1. Maybe Apple can attract some attention to it, but I'm very skeptical, especially with Wifi Direct and NFC up and coming.
Only if it makes you feel better really. Apple still cripples basic bluetooth profiles and the vast majority of peripherals are still on 2.1 and not to mention 3 yet. Always hear about this great potential for Bluetooth for years, and it's never really taken off.
So definitely not the new 28nm LTE radios.
Sure, which is why every other video service works just fine.
O rly?Josh: I can say that the device pretty much lives up to Apple's ambitious claims.On Wi-Fi I nabbed almost exactly 9 hours of constant browsing, and on LTE, my number was closer to 8 hours and 15 minutes. That's not exactly where Apple pegs it, but that's because our testing methods are slightly different. (Apple sets their displays to 50 percent brightness, we use 65 percent)---In the ballpark, maybe, 'confirmed' not really.
100% Spot on. I'm very excited about the convenience and quality of the 1080p iTunes downloads through my new AppleTV coming Friday. It's certainly 'good enough' as they say, but to call it near Blu-Ray quality, certainly not.
Yes...Let's compare something that's available today to something that's going to be voted on as a standard in 2013.
That article is from 5 months ago with one guy's opinion. Samsung is supposed to moving their entire S-AMOLED production to RBG-RBG some time this year but of course remains to be seen.
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