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Source? I don't believe that ever occurred, and the Largest 3G campaign you mentioned started in 09 isn't that old and the entire network was already 3G by that point. AT&T took issue with the campaign for how VZ portrayed THEIR network as misleading and tried to sue and dropped it; admitting VZ indeed was larger just not always the fastest...but that had nothing to do with 1X.
That's wrong.I know it's Monday, but Verizon very bluntly and correctly calls the 1X network 2G. Only EVDO is 3G.
Comparing LTE speeds on both networks is kind of a waste of time. It's the same tech, both are running fiber, an empty tower is going to give you the same results back. On the flip side, Verizon, courtesy of being a full year ahead has about 5x the LTE connected devices load AT&T does. Naturally as of today, you'd expect to see it pull a little ahead. So really it comes down to coverage, and that answer clearly shows for itself.
Spoken like a true stereotypical arrogant American. Clearly you've never been to France or are very poorly cultured.
Isn't that really just an Apple take on the smart TV, or the current Apple TV expanded in some way?No music and TV are two very different animals. Music isn't live, it isn't already fed into every house (short of useless FM radio) it isn't bundled, it isn't controlled and delivered by the same vehicle, and on and on...Music NEEDED a medium to reach the audience better for the 21st century, what the Industry didn't like was the aggressive pricing, but that's a different...
Really? Live events such as sports, or local newscasts are obsolete? Apple has a way to crack that? I'm not suggesting that an iPanel wouldn't be awesome, at all. More like until Apple has a way to change the medium (which ironically even home internet is still controlled by the cable companies) it's really just another take on a 'smart' TV that will still need to slave to a cable box and not really revolutionary.
It's a little blind fanboy praise honestly. You ignore the obvious, the screen in your living is driven almost entirely by content, content Apple does not own and currently cannot deliver, content that's already in every living room via a near monopoly that content controllers are reluctant to let anyone near their cash cow. Look no further than what's happened to Netflix. Until that part is worked out, it won't matter if the potential iPanel has Siri, a game console,...
Absolutely true. But if coughing up ~52 million dollars is the 'easy way out' it says something...
That's exactly my take away.
They can try, and only a few will succeed.
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