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  His remaining shares will continue to vest in the amount of 20,000 each year on April 20.   It's less than 5 years till he gets all of it, not really that long.
    I'm inclined to agree with you that that's what makes sense to happen, but for someone who gets one now; taking the cheap way out or not - seems like a crappy deal stuck in a 2 year contract with it.
    It's an excellent question. No doubt the hardware is getting long in the tooth, but considering AT&T and Apple are still selling new with contract, it's hard to imagine it wouldn't be supported.
    Not that you're entirely wrong but your $5 and $15 example COULD be FRAND in some case. The problem is there are no specific terms or rules or much of anything outside of the acronym. R is for reasonable, what really is that? Non Discriminatory actually means treat in a similar manner not exact formula, but again, what really is that? Who determines? It's apparently clear FRAND is really half baked, maybe because it's never been tested till now but it almost seems...
    It's not that's better or worse, but in the US we're getting close to smartphone saturation, for now. The adoption rate will slow, for everyone. There's still growth, but not exponential growth. At this point, the majority of people that want iPhones, have them. Product lifecycle fails no one...
      10.5... 10.6... 10.7... 10.8... 10.9? What's. Your. Point? Every technology company releases a new version of software almost annually. Obviously you cared enough to read and comment. 
Better tell the EU, I guess they don't know their laws either (and Australia too): Funny, they're real quick to settle there. If they're so innocent, why would they bother?
When AT&T has something other than a nearly empty network with comparable LTE concurrent connections, then compare. Otherwise none of the tests are worth anything, even then it lost on upload. Let's see how the tests look in December.
Source? I don't believe that ever occurred, and the Largest 3G campaign you mentioned started in 09 isn't that old and the entire network was already 3G by that point. AT&T took issue with the campaign for how VZ portrayed THEIR network as misleading and tried to sue and dropped it; admitting VZ indeed was larger just not always the fastest...but that had nothing to do with 1X.
That's wrong.I know it's Monday, but Verizon very bluntly and correctly calls the 1X network 2G. Only EVDO is 3G.
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