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As I pointed out to someone else, both are using LTE, and AT&T's LTE network is virtually empty, try again when loads are closer to similar. I typically see 18-20Mbs down on average on Verizon's LTE on my devices. Considering my home Wifi is 15, anything beyond that seems like gravy anyway.
That article and comparison tests are irrelevant as clearly a brand new empty network will be faster than a network with people actually using it. When the loads are similar then compare. Anatech has speed tests on Verizon hitting 60Mbs. They both are using LTE and in the end should be about the same. AT&T should be faster on 3G though.
Seems like a no brainer if you're not stuck to a carrier for some reason. Verizon has much much larger LTE network, hotspot at launch AND is no extra charge, and it also global roams.
<> I generally agree with you but at least this is a little more accurate in that it's a true cross sample. Most of these crap stories are based on ad agencies which inherently lean one way or another.
It was one thing when they called LTE 4G (really 3.9G) It was one thing when they called HSPA+ 4G (really 3.5/3.75G) but we accepted and moved on. But calling HSDPA 4G???!!?!? And Apple of all people?!? WTF.
There's no beef with anyone, particularly Apple. I'd be fine with 9hrs (no plans upping my 2 anytime soon). Once again for the 8th or so time now my point is, hoping SOMEONE (Qualcomm?) finds a better way to optimize the darn LTE thing. I mean at 42.5w you're at near laptop battery size now.
Above 1080p for me(yay new Apple TV) and I'm in no hurry to dump my iPad2 either...Samsung is supposedly/allegedly/rumored to be working on WQXGA 2560x1600 @10.1 for some time this year which would be 299ppi. Madness. Madness!
Your question is irrelevant. LTE as a technology is still bad on battery period. It doesn't matter what the competition or anyone else is doing. Look it's great Apple continues to set the bar, but Apple doesn't deserve a pat on the back for getting to 9hrs because they used a 42.5w battery. And if your question is really 'devices', the RAZR MAXX (phone) certainly does it on LTE. Apple didn't do anything magical, they just put enough battery to hit the 9hr number they...
Was EXACTLY what? That LTE battery life sucks? It does. Next?
Quote me, or don't. Don't half quote me to try to distort my point. You cropped it to try to try to portray that I was complaining or if it wasn't good enough so you asking a deflecting question about the competition (of which I don't really care about anyway..) Many of us were curious HOW they were going to match battery life of last year's model.
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