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GPU: SGX543MP4+, same as PS Vita.
iPad 2 lives on at 16GB for $399.
Kind of lame excuse. All iPads have internet access and most of them all of the time with wifi. You might as well say iCloud is a waste too.
the 4 cores are for the GPU not CPU, which wouldn't have a bearing on Speech to text.
I think this is pretty much everything everyone expected in the last week or so. Unless you were really hung on quad core ( I didn't expect it all along) The only surprise to me is the lack of Siri, especially since it does includes dictation, it feels intentional.
Ideally it doesn't matter how they got there, the experience is all that matters. It's only slightly thicker and heavier, so they did it, just the nerds in us are curious of the underpinnings making it work.
Let's see how much bigger the battery actually is first.
Agreed. Also have the Apple TV update too.
The lack of quad core doesn't surprise me. Apple needs to feed incremental updates every year. What would they push next year? I also imagine the screen resolution and LTE alone are going to put a good sized dent in battery life, adding quad core would just mean that much more. Apple is already way far and ahead in the tablet space, why push everything at once. Either way, my iPad 2 (wifi) will serve just fine for another year. The screen while gorgeous as it will be...
1. The answer really is it depends. It depends on the OEM to make available the other frequencies. Some have, some haven't. At this point newer released devices are supporting it more and more though. 2. Yes, it does. The technology does, and phones do, but you're not going to have voice obviously in a tablet.
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