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Not by new device sales for that quarter, just current active install base by December 31. I see how everyone else was just talking about sales share within that quarter which I understand how on that point didn't make sense to island boy. I was trying to stick to shares on more solid metrics since we don't really get sales numbers broken out. Really all arrives at moot point anyway. 
 I backtracked on nothing and I didn't immaturely resort to profanity either. Perhaps you have some growing up to do.  In December 2012, the 4S held a 40% share compared to the recently released iPhone 5's 18%. In December 2013, surprise similar numbers... so this year? Exactly. I suppose that's beyond a 4 letter word comprehension. 
 You're now cherrypicking words and 'editing' posts which must mean you're running out replies. I stand by my original point, I meant 6 as 6 family of 6/6+ but not sure that even matters?  No it wouldn't be at all, in fact the 5S may very well still be #1 depending. Most people are not on a yearly upgrade cycle. The rise and fall of models is similar every year over their 24 month lifecycle, of course the most common long running model is going to out rank one released...
 It's not at all the same as it's not hypothetical. Apple does currently sell two small phones in the 5s and 5c. If people really were turned off by the bigger sizes, would we see record sales for bigger models? Where's the spike in 5s from the "I waited and don't like the new size so I bought a 5S instead" group? Any stats I have seen show the 5 family on a slow decline as the 6 picks up share, not flat or higher, which would support your position. 
 I think you need to slow down and read, because obviously you missed my point. My point had nothing to do with the 6+ specifically (that was all you). My sole point was the 4in phone is dead. The 6 family is selling exceptionally well, underlining my point. I don't need breakouts, Apple telling me it broke all records, and looking at their developer tools provided to me is enough to see that. El Fin.  Apparently reading comprehension is as dead as the small phone. 
 What are you talking about? The only numbers I gave were 10 million in 4 days, which was provided by Apple PR. No where in this thread did I talk about breakouts. 
So you can pull numbers out of your rear, and then ignore anything that impacts it, admitting you have no idea, so you can feel correct?  
The 4in iPhone going forward is dead, much the 3.5in before it. (insert Monty Python parrot skit here)    Just look at Xcode and how they are guiding developers to take advantage of the new bigger, higher res screens....What are they going to do, have them all downscale and optimize that again to a smaller device.  Essentially no one is making any modern smartphone flagship under 4.5in. The ship has sailed. It's not an insult at those that prefer the small size, but the...
 Can we finally kill the silly sapphire iPhone screen nonsense. 
Will there be a dedicated 6 Plus review?
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