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Let's see how much bigger the battery actually is first.
Agreed. Also have the Apple TV update too.
The lack of quad core doesn't surprise me. Apple needs to feed incremental updates every year. What would they push next year? I also imagine the screen resolution and LTE alone are going to put a good sized dent in battery life, adding quad core would just mean that much more. Apple is already way far and ahead in the tablet space, why push everything at once. Either way, my iPad 2 (wifi) will serve just fine for another year. The screen while gorgeous as it will be...
1. The answer really is it depends. It depends on the OEM to make available the other frequencies. Some have, some haven't. At this point newer released devices are supporting it more and more though. 2. Yes, it does. The technology does, and phones do, but you're not going to have voice obviously in a tablet.
You're cherry picking and personally interpreting. AT&T calls it's HSPA+ network 4G. Your statement as written, "There's no 4G in Philadelphia…" is positively false. You are also assuming the devices the earlier poster mentioned were HSPA+ enabled, which obviously you can't.
?? Yes there is. Verizon has LTE, TMobile has HSPA+ 42, Sprint has WiMax, and ATT has HSPA+ and I believe Philly is next up for LTE from them.
seems a little pot calling kettle black, I considered the 'if you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone" some of the most obnoxious pretentious ads ever created, even though I agreed with the points.
I assume because Apple offers no LTE devices.
I'm not a fan of the numbers either but I'm not crazy about HD either. HD is too synonymous for the average person with 720 and 1080 widescreen for a 4:3 tablet.
There are studies that show iOS much higher, and others Android much higher at impressions. Seems to vary by who's serving. Not sure you can really trust any of 'em.
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