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You should read and learn.http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/27/29...e-release-date LCD will go the way of the dodo like CRT before it. Yes it's expensive out of the gate, so was plasma, wasn't all that long ago they were 10k. The OLED advantages (low power, no size or resolution limits) are outstanding and I've seen this TV at the Show, it's phenomenal and it's definitely the future. With flexible and transparent screens behind it, could see a lot of nifty things in the next...
Yes exactly. This is how you're supposed to use inflight wifi. Airplane mode is supposed to mean keeping the cellular radio off for the (alleged) interference.
You're absolutely right. In flipping through TV channels this weekend, G4 (don't really watch) happened to have whatever tech news blip they do and were talking about both the 'weak Wifi issue' and the 'noticeable thermal issues'. Sensationalist media indeed.
Have you used iOS before?
Except it does in 11/12 cases and by 12-14 degrees after an hour of playing. Good spin though.
This whole thing was incredibly stupid from the get go. But I wouldn't go cheerleading these results either. The iPad 3rd gen only comes out cooler than the Tab 10.1 in one test, in one category by 1 degree. As the joker said, let's not blow this out of proportion.
Of course they were. In part for arrogance and in part because when big guys end up in court no one really wins. Look at the Google Oracle debacle. Oracle wanted 6 billion, they will be lucky to get 32 million, if they even win.
In theory, however the standard for VoLTE is still yet to be finalized.
That is correct.
This will only work to a point. There still can only be so much traffic in a given space. We're not there yet, but follow the exponential mobile bandwidth growth a little further down the line and you'll see. Have you ever tried to set up Wifi in a crowded apartment complex?What competitive services with what army? Essentially 3 companies hold the vast majority of available spectrum in US. Everyone else just leases from them. Unless they are forced to split up, which...
New Posts  All Forums: