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That would be false if both are A9, which is probably the case.
Actually I have pointed out model numbers before. Twice now. And what I said then is even more true now. I also disagree with you. When the original report said the iPad 3 will be S5L8945X I said it sounds more like a reworked / enhanced A5 rather than a new generation A6 which should be the S5L8950X. It still could be a quad-core Cortex A9 though if Apple's thinking is the 40X series is Cortex A9 based and the next 50X series next year will be Cortex A15 based.
LOL. Man you are so far inside the RDF it's painful. First off the CDMA iPhone 4 has a different antenna pattern (which carried to the 4S), you of all people should know that, so it does NOT suffer the same issue seen on the 4 GSM model. The issue was over exaggerated, but that happens when you make a great product. However to say the problem never existed is flat out delusional. Steve himself admitted it, even acknowledged CS findings and Apple tried to stem some of it...
This one is way more interesting. Filed in January of 09.
Google is wising up this time.http://www.patentlyapple.com/patentl...d-devices.html
Big money trading on technical charts. Pump and dump. Profit taking on it crossing into 500 territory. Not much to see there, it'll bounce back. Welcome to Wall St.
I agree with SolipsismX here. Ignorance can't be bliss. It's not about wanting developers with ethics, it's about not having to worry about the issue at all, and wondering if Apple did their diligence in vetting an app.
See? Problem solved simply enough.
"IEEE went on to suggest that the high number of infected apps and smartphones was a consequence of a lack of understanding by the public regarding cyber-security."Yes, we all know there's supposedly bad apps out there...if you sideload suspicious apps (not in Google Market), bypass security, ignore warnings, and run them anyway you'll (may) be infected. Ingenious. Same could be said for PC malware. Where's the outrage of users of stolen info? Where are big app developers...
Source? Proof? Relevant to an iOS issue and letter to Apple only how? ...what I thought. Case closed.
New Posts  All Forums: