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I don't believe ANY of them. No one doubts Apple is very far ahead. Beyond that everything else is based on guesses, assumptions, estimations or unverifiable and easily skewed information looking for clicks and eyeballs.
What an atrocious headline that's almost an outright lie. Best Buy took a few one time charges this quarter leading to the loss (otherwise it was positive) and intends on restructuring and opening 100 small mobile focused stores, in addition to closing the 50 underperforming stores. Best Buy's own report attributed the fortune change to the shift of buying big electronics online and a consumer shift to mobile devices. Apple was barely a footnote in the whole thing.
I dropped it for redundancy of the point, but ok fine, Wifi + 3G + US LTE....ooookkkk but the device ONLY works on US LTE so calling it as such seems simple and appropriate for international purposes.
Why isn't it simply 3G + US LTE? Problem solved.
Wrong. ITU is just an agency of the UN issuing guidelines. It's not the ISO. It does NOT write laws and essentially has no teeth in the matter. Further in this case the ITU has yet to SPECIFICALLY say what is or is not a 4th generation wireless network. It has revised its previous guidelines so that something like HSPA+ MAY qualify but it is far from black and white. The ITU guidelines do NOT trump governmental law. This is the exactly the case in Australia where they have...
I think you're missing the point. While you're correct from an ITU standpoint, 4G can be a variety of things, Australia is apparently very specific. They classify 4G as meaning LTE only and they are free to add such clarification within their borders. YOU may think it's silly to redo packaging or add extra clarification, but that's the cost of doing international business if you want to steer clear of any local legal wrangling, unintentional or otherwise.
It's certainly not a lot of trumped up marketing and don't be dismissive if you don't have the full education on it. I've physically seen the 55in TV. It's not something you can write on, you have to see. The difference is vast, and real. Plasma is still more expensive than LCD and will stay that way as the nature of the beast of both technologies. OLED as it ramps up will eventually be cheaper than both as the production moves to laser by nearly all accounts, at some...
You should read and learn.http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/27/29...e-release-date LCD will go the way of the dodo like CRT before it. Yes it's expensive out of the gate, so was plasma, wasn't all that long ago they were 10k. The OLED advantages (low power, no size or resolution limits) are outstanding and I've seen this TV at the Show, it's phenomenal and it's definitely the future. With flexible and transparent screens behind it, could see a lot of nifty things in the next...
Yes exactly. This is how you're supposed to use inflight wifi. Airplane mode is supposed to mean keeping the cellular radio off for the (alleged) interference.
You're absolutely right. In flipping through TV channels this weekend, G4 (don't really watch) happened to have whatever tech news blip they do and were talking about both the 'weak Wifi issue' and the 'noticeable thermal issues'. Sensationalist media indeed.
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