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haha, it actually was Brawndo, but +1 for the Idicoracy reference.
At least half the people in this thread act like someone stole their birthday cake. Chill out. Just because you have a keyboard and an internet connection doesn't make you smarter than the two people that were in the room. Quite frankly who gives a damn what the two thought of each other. Is it relevant to anything? Steve has passed on and Larry's sharing his view, embellished or not. I don't see any insults about Steve, if anything the opposite. You certainly don't...
BREAKSCLUSIVE: New model computer will be released this year to replace last year's model offerings!
No I think you forget that outside of the Oracle case (which went from potential game changer to a joke essentially), none are attached to Google directly. Apple hasn't taken Google on directly, the OEMs are under attack, and Motorola's issues are not Google's, yet, anyway.
There isn't much more 'intuitive or natural' (as you put it) magic to be had. At the root of it you will still need some type of capacitive type pen as long we as are using capacitive touch screens, which have been around for some time. Anything else is just software.
First off it's not about making 'us', it's about making BIG investors happy. We're talking stock price and business here, not end consumer.iPod goes in the WAS category for earnings driver. Still a solid performer, It's essentially at a saturation point and isn't going to drive that much future growth, and be a leader for a $1000 stock price. You'd hate to stay a slow decline for the category going forward, but realistically that's what it is without some major deviation...
almost time for the ol' Wall St adage, the faster they rise, the harder they fall. (referring to stock price, not Apple itself)
I don't believe ANY of them. No one doubts Apple is very far ahead. Beyond that everything else is based on guesses, assumptions, estimations or unverifiable and easily skewed information looking for clicks and eyeballs.
What an atrocious headline that's almost an outright lie. Best Buy took a few one time charges this quarter leading to the loss (otherwise it was positive) and intends on restructuring and opening 100 small mobile focused stores, in addition to closing the 50 underperforming stores. Best Buy's own report attributed the fortune change to the shift of buying big electronics online and a consumer shift to mobile devices. Apple was barely a footnote in the whole thing.
I dropped it for redundancy of the point, but ok fine, Wifi + 3G + US LTE....ooookkkk but the device ONLY works on US LTE so calling it as such seems simple and appropriate for international purposes.
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