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I know right, taxes are just so unfair! Why would anyone want to do that? Let's get rid of all of them! Surely someone else must be willing to pay up for everything in our society.
Kind of. If Congress did nothing and companies needed to bring money back they would just have to suck it up, no? That makes what you say more an opinion and not really fact. If companies just continually waited for tax holidays what's the point of having rules at all? Whole thing seems like a joke. No wonder we're in such a mess.
It has happened before, but given the gridlock in congress, and massive deficits the US has, to get anything done seems a long ways off. I could careless about politics, but I doubt a change of the guard is coming in November for better or worse. Funny how everyone wants to avoid paying taxes, even the richest company in the world.
They have a very long wait then.
CNBC confirming: Apple Sets Quarterly Dividend of $2.65/Share; Board OKs $10B Buyback, Says It Expects to Spend $45B Over 3 Years and Apple: http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2012...e-Program.html
You seem dense tonight. YES it's obviously different. Each carrier's iPad does not work on the other's LTE frequencies as they are first and foremost in different parts of 700 and AT&T is using LTE in 2100 in a few areas as well, which is not supported on the Verizon model. Also the AT&T has zero CDMA support at all. How hard is that to comprehend? Both support global 2 and 3G GSM frequencies. A quick scan of the tech specs on Apple's own site would tell you that.
It will not work. AT&T and Verizon are in different parts of the 700Mhz band.
Oh I expect a lot of iPad 1 upgrades. I'd bet almost half of the base still using one will move to the 3 in the next 6 months.
I'm not at all surprised and it's not about losing interest. It's a tablet, not a phone and unsubsidized so the upfront costs are higher. Look how many millions of people JUST bought the iPad2 through the holidays. You honestly think the average person is going to run out and buy the newerish one launch weekend because the screen may be a little better? It's no doubt going to be a runaway success, in time, this go around. I'd very much assume the majority of sales are...
Yeah, and 'this will be the year of the Linux desktop.' Yeah all 5 of them if that. Doubtful. It's been final since June 2010. 3.0 has been around since April 2009. There's just no real demand for it, and device makers have to still support the lowest common demoninator, which is still 2.1. Maybe Apple can attract some attention to it, but I'm very skeptical, especially with Wifi Direct and NFC up and coming.
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