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You're cherry picking and personally interpreting. AT&T calls it's HSPA+ network 4G. Your statement as written, "There's no 4G in Philadelphia…" is positively false. You are also assuming the devices the earlier poster mentioned were HSPA+ enabled, which obviously you can't.
?? Yes there is. Verizon has LTE, TMobile has HSPA+ 42, Sprint has WiMax, and ATT has HSPA+ and I believe Philly is next up for LTE from them.
seems a little pot calling kettle black, I considered the 'if you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone" some of the most obnoxious pretentious ads ever created, even though I agreed with the points.
I assume because Apple offers no LTE devices.
I'm not a fan of the numbers either but I'm not crazy about HD either. HD is too synonymous for the average person with 720 and 1080 widescreen for a 4:3 tablet.
There are studies that show iOS much higher, and others Android much higher at impressions. Seems to vary by who's serving. Not sure you can really trust any of 'em.
Because they are just hitting sampling for hardware partners now, same with the Cortex A15 chips, it will be a few months before production ramps up enough and they're properly integrated with devices to be public facing (again think next iPhone). As S-X pointed out, these chips are actually behind by almost 6 months, Qualcomm had problems with design initially, so I'd rule out even some super secret fast tracked version special for Apple R&D too in this case. Either...
Yes, these are finally them. However if there is LTE in the iPad 3, it won't be one of these. Next iPhone? You betcha.
I agree there's a difference between raw mathematical performance and experience nulling the technicalities sheet, and Apple does an amazing job of meshing the two which is certainly what matters. PowerVR Series 6 isn't out yet so you're still looking at some SGX54x combo in the A5X. Apple wouldn't be alone in not going to quad core, TI's OMAP 5 will be dual core first but based on A15. Point is, to say an improved A5 would run circles around Tegra 3 (which is ~3x as...
A15 is 'ready' from a fab standpoint and sampling as of the end of last year, but isn't expected in mass for products until the Fall or so, making an appearance in the iPad 3 very slim to none.
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