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Google is wising up this time.http://www.patentlyapple.com/patentl...d-devices.html
Big money trading on technical charts. Pump and dump. Profit taking on it crossing into 500 territory. Not much to see there, it'll bounce back. Welcome to Wall St.
I agree with SolipsismX here. Ignorance can't be bliss. It's not about wanting developers with ethics, it's about not having to worry about the issue at all, and wondering if Apple did their diligence in vetting an app.
See? Problem solved simply enough.
"IEEE went on to suggest that the high number of infected apps and smartphones was a consequence of a lack of understanding by the public regarding cyber-security."Yes, we all know there's supposedly bad apps out there...if you sideload suspicious apps (not in Google Market), bypass security, ignore warnings, and run them anyway you'll (may) be infected. Ingenious. Same could be said for PC malware. Where's the outrage of users of stolen info? Where are big app developers...
Source? Proof? Relevant to an iOS issue and letter to Apple only how? ...what I thought. Case closed.
Nothing about this story/article has ANYTHING to do with Android. Bringing it up is simply trolling. This letter is just a publicity stunt and overblown, but there still is an issue that should be addressed.
Boohoo. This has nothing to do with Android, WP7, webOS, RIM or anyone else. That's a typical deflection argument when something is wrong and you want to avoid an uncomfortable topic. Android at least tells you on app installation what it's using including the address book.That is the crux of the whole issue. Well said.
That's pure deflection of the iOS issue at hand. Android apps also UP FRONT on installation tell you which permissions the app will be using, including the address book. If you don't read and just accept and continue that's your problem.
This post is horrendously misleading. The linked FT article explains it much better. All this is, is what to do with the remains of the joint venture with Sony that no longer exists. Attaching it to another Samsung division is just rearranging the deck chairs. Not much to read into here.
New Posts  All Forums: