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I doubt they do, or they would have gone that route rather than pressuring suppliers. Spot on. If this story is true, anantksundaram could be right.
There's probably some truth there. The larger fact is both of these guys have a ton of legit patents to back up everything they've done. Palm has more than double the number of mobile telecommunications patents Apple has. Microsoft is about 8x and Nokia 10x. Apple may be bold, and rightly defensive at times, but they aren't stupid.
If you want to get technical on "OS Syncing", Roaming User Profile in ActiveDirectory predates them all.
Don't be silly they are out there now in the 720p variety. I messed with it at CES, certainly the smoothest looking Android tablet to date, but I still wouldn't touch one. Nvidia's quad (sudo penta) core Tegra 3 platform is quite an impressive design. However it's still based on Cortex A9. The successor due by the fall is based on A15 and 'supposedly' up to 10x more horsepower than the current crappy crop of Tegra 2 tablets. Here's to hoping Apple really moves the goal...
WUXGA is hardly low res crap. You're mainly talking the difference between 16:10 and 4:3
That's the original. The higher resolution one is not, no.
If this is true, then it looks like my current MBP better survive for a while or it will be my last. There is nothing PRO about the current airs. I absolutely need an optical drive, and SSD are so far, well too small for me. THE GPU is underwhelming as well. I'm not carrying around external pieces to get one with my daily life for the sake of being thin.
Your SSN becomes public record after you die, in case you weren't aware, in the Social Security Death Master File. In fact one of the reasons it's done is to prevent identity theft after death.
You shouldn't have any worries of course not. It's not that it's harder, it's just the target is different. The broad scenarios I gave which make up almost a majority of resold phones are people who say I'm not spending more than xx to get something else. 9/10 times that number is much lower than what an iPhone is going for on ebay or craigslist. That's all.
That was before Apple made a big deal out of depth. I don't think adding thickness will matter, in some ways a little more will give it a more solid feel like the original. How much heavier will it be is the question.
New Posts  All Forums: