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 The Verge has been on a downward spiral for a while. One obviously click bait editorial does not a population make.   This is just silly. Apple has yet to even fulfill 6+ preorders for those that ordered in the 2nd hour of availability based on the 200 page thread on macrumors, with those ordering now unavailable to even get it till November in some cases. We know Apple can only produce them at about 1:3 rate 6+:6, so that's all that's being reflected in those 'trends'....
 haha, well played sir. 
Predictions: Recap iPhone 6 and 6+ launch (video) iOS 8 updates and adoption numbers. Launch Apple Pay. OS X Yosemite recap and launch same day. Full Continuity. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini retina to gain touch ID, A8X, Health Kit options, (maybe some type of Apple Pay POS support?)  Something new (iPod Touch/iPad Air Plus)      Longshots: Something with Apple TV, new Mac hardware, Retina Macbook Air 
I still use Chrome. It's the easiest way to pull browser sessions and open tabs across all devices I have to use on a daily basis. 
This. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, but when production is equaling almost 3:1 for 6:6+, it's very likely they considered holding release an extra few weeks to have more on hand. 
 No doubt that will be the case, but that's hardly a surprise with 2 topline models, vs 1 last year, and generally in the tick-tock cylce, the tick (model#) is always higher than the tock (model)S. 
Yes, as been the case for several years the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. The camera is not identical, The plus has optical image stabilization (OIS), which is pretty significant.
Having an employee discount on my line really borked Verizon's preorders this morning, anyone trying to upgrade with one couldn't for a bit. So despite having everything ready to go in both the Apple mobile app and VZs site I got nowhere. After a call to CS they promised to call me back the moment it was fixed. I didn't have high hopes but after mashing refresh, the moment I could start checkout they did call me, so all went well but that wasn't until 4:30 EDT....
Haha, well played. I didn't have trouble with the 5 launch, was in at 3:05 (ET). Usually keep Apple and Verizon open just in case. 
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