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 There is zero getting around Qualcomm in the mobile industry. They essentially own everything that is CDMA, and 21% of  LTE, good luck. Almost no one else is making broadband modems like they are these days.  This is a key point. the PPW is much higher for the A7 making it the superior option. The end experience, even from that chart yesterday don't show it crazy ahead in real world usage though. The whole 1GB RAM thing to me is more about forcing developers to have a...
 Oh man, poor DED... Hopefully next year Apple can cut 'em loose. 
The rMPB was released in June of last year. The February 'update' merely boosted the baseline clock speed 100Mhz. Nothing else changed. Not exactly what I would call a refresh, more like here - have this other SKU for the same price. If you want to, fair enough. I've had the machine just over a year now (maxed out spec wise), it's the best machine I've ever had. We do need another one as my wife's 2011 Air is definitely on it's last legs and she really wants one. I have no...
 If you're talking about me I specifically said r-Macbook Pro, and I was hardly 'boasting' considering I called the surface a POS-2 (as it is). How could they beat Apple to the punch when the Air already is Haswell? Pretty idiotic. It was a factual observation we are 15/16 months without a real refresh. Everyone else's high end portables are Haswell, it's time. The battery life will be fantastic I'm sure.  
So riddle me this, Microsoft manages to get Haswell into this POS-2, yet the rMBP STILL doesn't have it yet. 
 Samsung doesn't design processors. They directly license the Cortex IP design from ARM itself and fab them. (http://www.arm.com/products/processors/licensees.php)All this processor copy fodder of Apple, who doesn't license from ARM and self designs, is good forum fun but largely a circle****. Samsung signed on to the 64bit A57 design in October of last year(http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/10/arm-goes-64-bit-with-new-cortex-a53-and-cortex-a57-designs/),...
No issues with iOS7 on my iPhone 5. Can't say the same for my otherwise reliable iPad 2, which now runs and lags like some cheap Android phone. C'est la vie. 
Clearly anyone can say 400x this, 250% that with fancy charts but it's all relative until there's numbers behind it explaining what that's based on. My favorite was the cumulative iPhone sales chart...not a single number anywhere on it outside of the year on the bottom.  This is definitely a biggie.  Clearly the best looking / exciting improvement IMO.  These are largely meh. This could be the big breakthrough in scanning tech, but it's not exactly like everyone's...
 No doubt, and like the desktop world 64 bit will be the future. But there's still inherent differences in the move that made 64bit critical in the CISC/Intel x86 world that mean less in the RISC/ARM world. IMO it would have more scalability potential to the iPad going forward and the on/off-rumored A-Series powered Macbook Airs than the iPhone.
If the phone has less than 4GB RAM (probably) the 64bit is largely useless, especially for the average consumer. A nice surprise though. Outpacing the ARMv8's to the market. 
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