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I wouldn't go that far. But making an article out of this was unnecessary. These Airs are using 802.11ac chipsets now, which probably have quirky backwards compatibility with some routers. Similar thing happened with 11n when it was released and it wasn't unique to Apple either. I'm sure the next OSX patch update will smooth it right out. 
  NFC has largely been DOA, Bluetooth except for maybe car infotainment connections isn't too far behind and has been essentially dead for the average person for some time, despite every other year the addition of profiles. The only thing that seems to have any traction today is Wifi.  Consumers want ease and simplicity, not an added step. Even printers, speaker systems and other devices that were all primarily Bluetooth based are Wifi now. Don't know much about Wifi...
  Except for 2011, it's generally been Toyota based on straight volume. Now they've gotten hurt in China of late and the US a little, so the top 3 are all fairly close between T/GM/VW but as of latest numbers it's still Toyota. 
I was more surprised to not see the world's largest automaker: Toyota.
  Based on what? ...your opinion? You could say the same about any traffic based study including this one. Logic would dictate developers care about what's actually getting used not collecting dust in a drawer or a landfill. All of these are things are recent moving targets/best guesses. I figured that was a given. 
  Android certainly is fragmented and pales in comparison to iOS, but your numbers are way off. JellyBean is on 34%, not 11, Ice Cream Sandwich is 25% and 2.3 is down to 36%. In another month JellyBean should be the most used, still taking way too long for the most current version to be the most used. http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
  There isn't a place on the planet that is cool. It's also very gimmicky and un-Apple.
  Loss Leaders are not illegal.  
 I have the 15in rMBP. The Optical disk drive is a waste in a laptop, even in PC world Ultrabooks don't have them anymore either. Argument is dead in the water. The only optical disk people should need is maybe a Blu-Ray player for their TV. An external drive for the occasional time you need one is fine and does the job. However, the lack of Ethernet is still a minor frustration point. Wifi may be good enough for most at home or a Starbucks; but Ethernet is still faster,...
That's cost increases internally not appraised externally. Think of it as the difference between Margin Dollars and Margin %. In other words if I increase the rate of tax on income they owe, that will hit the Margin %, and in turn mean less margin dollars per unit. What will happen to protect those Margin % rates is the fixed cost of the item paid by the consumer goes up to cover the increases. 
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