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hahaha suck it Samsung. The iPhone 6 Plus performance 'issue' is getting way too much time around here. There is none. It flies. The only time it hiccups are 3rd party apps that are not optimized, which is not Apple's fault, and undoubtedly that will be sorted soon. 
Yeah, Siri is flaky on my 2014 BMW with the 6+, it either doesn't disconnect or cuts off before it's done. I don't have music  audio issues. Really not the end of the world. Frankly I figured it was iDrive that needed an update. 
On point article, hardly surprising.   Minor fact correction: "Samsung's domestic versions of the Galaxy S5 and Note 3, built using the company's own Exynos 5 Octa core Application Processor, " If domestic was supposed to be US that would be incorrect. All Samsung US 'flagship' phones like the Galaxy S and Note lines are built around Qualcomm Snapdragon, not their own Exynos. Chart is right, text is wrong. 
Welp, it's not on my Retina 15in, Dark Theme. It's doing it on all of them, brightness etc. It was fine before GM. I saw yours before I posted. Dunno. I'm sure it'll get sorted. 
Not seeing how that graphic makes it to GM... 
From the Verge Q&A:   11:01:42 AM PDT Q: Now it's Windows 10, will we see future versions named after big cats? 11:01:46 AM PDT A: Probably not.
The 6 Plus is easily the best phone I've ever held and used. Yes it's big, get over it, it's also very very useful. Beyond happy with mine for the last 48 hours now. The screen is incredibly gorgeous, the battery lasts 'forever', it flies at everything I throw at it, the camera is outstanding...I can already see the benefit of OIS in low light. Audio quality seems refined (thanks to the new chipset probably) signal strength is the best I've seen in any iPhone (maybe thanks...
Not by new device sales for that quarter, just current active install base by December 31. I see how everyone else was just talking about sales share within that quarter which I understand how on that point didn't make sense to island boy. I was trying to stick to shares on more solid metrics since we don't really get sales numbers broken out. Really all arrives at moot point anyway. 
 I backtracked on nothing and I didn't immaturely resort to profanity either. Perhaps you have some growing up to do.  In December 2012, the 4S held a 40% share compared to the recently released iPhone 5's 18%. In December 2013, surprise similar numbers... so this year? Exactly. I suppose that's beyond a 4 letter word comprehension. 
 You're now cherrypicking words and 'editing' posts which must mean you're running out replies. I stand by my original point, I meant 6 as 6 family of 6/6+ but not sure that even matters?  No it wouldn't be at all, in fact the 5S may very well still be #1 depending. Most people are not on a yearly upgrade cycle. The rise and fall of models is similar every year over their 24 month lifecycle, of course the most common long running model is going to out rank one released...
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