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 I think the 16 will be 32 and then 64/128 at those price points
One Saturday this past May strolling through the mall I caught an Apple retail employee waiting in line at the food court on a Galaxy S4.  My brother works at one of the 3 major banks yet still keeps his accounts at another. My neighbor works for Volvo NA yet there's a BMW and Toyota in his driveway. One of my good friends runs an AT&T authorized reseller store...he uses Verizon.   ...so what? Heaven forbid people kept their day job in the office and personal life...
This was my initial thought. "Wish we could say more" could very well mean more advancements in voice activation/Siri tech too. 
So the 5.5 iPhone is essentially a very similar size to the current Note 3, which is jumbo sized for sure, by comparison.   158 x 78 x 7.1 mm vs 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm for the Note 3. The Note is 5.7in yet this 5.5 iPhone will be taller. Sounds like Apple didn't reduce bezels at all from their standard layout despite a large device. 
Obviously. Wasn't referencing the patent, merely the current/potential naming conventions. 
While iTime is kind of limiting, I still like it better than iWatch with its double meaning. I'm surprised Apple TV wasn't the iWatch when you think about it. 
 "Mail has unexpectedly quit." Bla bla bla. It happens at least twice a day for me, usually when trying to recall the main window. (this is Yosemite...) Of course I don't expect it to be perfect yet, and it's not too annoying, but the same issues and general bugs in Mail still remain so far...
This sums it up entirely. A shame this thread devolved into a mess...
The biggest news from skimming the Verge seems to be the new ART runtime, meaning the clunky Dalvik VM is gone and Android is now 64bit. Also security patches are now pushed via Play instead of fragmented OS updates (if you ever get them) so that's a good thing for those stuck over there.
It's clear your comment and attitude as well as the others that tried to quote mine with some snark stupidity took my comment way too literally. Of course I don't have just one doctor; of course you should never blindly follow what a doctor tells you simply because he has a degree. You seem to go on a tangent about records. The person in charge of YOUR records is YOU. If you're worried about some corporation still having them or not...you're doing it wrong. If I ever have...
New Posts  All Forums: