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 What are you talking about? The only numbers I gave were 10 million in 4 days, which was provided by Apple PR. No where in this thread did I talk about breakouts. 
So you can pull numbers out of your rear, and then ignore anything that impacts it, admitting you have no idea, so you can feel correct?  
The 4in iPhone going forward is dead, much the 3.5in before it. (insert Monty Python parrot skit here)    Just look at Xcode and how they are guiding developers to take advantage of the new bigger, higher res screens....What are they going to do, have them all downscale and optimize that again to a smaller device.  Essentially no one is making any modern smartphone flagship under 4.5in. The ship has sailed. It's not an insult at those that prefer the small size, but the...
 Can we finally kill the silly sapphire iPhone screen nonsense. 
Will there be a dedicated 6 Plus review?
 The Verge has been on a downward spiral for a while. One obviously click bait editorial does not a population make.   This is just silly. Apple has yet to even fulfill 6+ preorders for those that ordered in the 2nd hour of availability based on the 200 page thread on macrumors, with those ordering now unavailable to even get it till November in some cases. We know Apple can only produce them at about 1:3 rate 6+:6, so that's all that's being reflected in those 'trends'....
 haha, well played sir. 
Predictions: Recap iPhone 6 and 6+ launch (video) iOS 8 updates and adoption numbers. Launch Apple Pay. OS X Yosemite recap and launch same day. Full Continuity. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini retina to gain touch ID, A8X, Health Kit options, (maybe some type of Apple Pay POS support?)  Something new (iPod Touch/iPad Air Plus)      Longshots: Something with Apple TV, new Mac hardware, Retina Macbook Air 
I still use Chrome. It's the easiest way to pull browser sessions and open tabs across all devices I have to use on a daily basis. 
This. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt, but when production is equaling almost 3:1 for 6:6+, it's very likely they considered holding release an extra few weeks to have more on hand. 
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