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  Zero $ apparently.   "This is not a money-changing-hands kind of deal," John Lagerling, director of Android global partnerships, told the BBC. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-23926938
  Indeed correct. There's isn't a single insider investor note out today about the Samsung ban relating to Apple, there was 1 in relation to Samsung's stock. It's all about the WSJ alleged announcement date. Yes everyone expected a new iPhone, WHEN is important for investors. Pure junk piece here. 
  Actually it is an LED backlit IPS LCD panel with Gorilla Glass (says so right on Google's page)  So technically yes, it is the same screen tech as in Apple products. It is not Pentile or OLED crap.
    Huh? Stock is up. : After Hours: 439.60 +20.61 (4.92%)   iPad number and Q4 revenue outlook looks a little light, but all in all good news everywhere else.
  This. Even the strongest Apple stock bulls expected this to a 'meh' quarter which is why the stock is where it is. Even if Apple were to come in a little lower, it won't matter, the guidance will be the key, as will any hints on when new products can be expected. That's where the 'news' is for the Street. 
I wouldn't go that far. But making an article out of this was unnecessary. These Airs are using 802.11ac chipsets now, which probably have quirky backwards compatibility with some routers. Similar thing happened with 11n when it was released and it wasn't unique to Apple either. I'm sure the next OSX patch update will smooth it right out. 
  NFC has largely been DOA, Bluetooth except for maybe car infotainment connections isn't too far behind and has been essentially dead for the average person for some time, despite every other year the addition of profiles. The only thing that seems to have any traction today is Wifi.  Consumers want ease and simplicity, not an added step. Even printers, speaker systems and other devices that were all primarily Bluetooth based are Wifi now. Don't know much about Wifi...
  Except for 2011, it's generally been Toyota based on straight volume. Now they've gotten hurt in China of late and the US a little, so the top 3 are all fairly close between T/GM/VW but as of latest numbers it's still Toyota. 
I was more surprised to not see the world's largest automaker: Toyota.
  Based on what? ...your opinion? You could say the same about any traffic based study including this one. Logic would dictate developers care about what's actually getting used not collecting dust in a drawer or a landfill. All of these are things are recent moving targets/best guesses. I figured that was a given. 
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