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My iPad 2 is getting long in the tooth for sure, been holding out for the next one, so this all sounds great to me. I really like where it's headed.
  Of course, it's called quality tablet apps, for which Android is atrocious. 
Can they actually call it iRadio? http://www.iradio.com/
I'm not a high end all out videographer, I have a FCX on my rMBP here more for hobby fun and because my closest friend shoots stuff all the time. I've always thought it was fine and actually pretty intuitive. However in my professional life, the agency our Marketing department works with dumped FC7 a few months after release for Avid and doesn't plan on looking back. Apparently there was a bunch of stuff that was flat out missing and couldn't get redone without large...
Can we PLEASE stop this drivel already.
people actually shop at that dump?
The 2.5 second max fan spin up as this installed kind of startled me for a second, but otherwise no issues, I haven't had any of these problems anyway...but updates are always nice. 
Also confirmed is the device will look and feel like cheap crap.      Hardly. The US variants of the Galaxy traditionally use Qualcomm's CPU/GPU and rumors from the Verge suggest that continues with this one as well. Samsung's also used Imagination GPUs in tablets. It's not unprecedented. Who writes this stuff? Motorola's used the SGX going back to 2009 in conjunction with OMAP processors. 
  The point is there are rules and established laws regarding returning the cash to the US (for better or worse is irrelevant). Companies (not just Apple) whine over wanting this 'holiday' to do it. To that I say tough &#^$. You want the money here, follow the rules, if not ok fine just use it where it is. Them's the rules and that simple. It has nothing to do with being 'patriotic', what's in Apple's supposed 'best interest' or anything else that people dream up related...
How is a one time initial process 'targeting' iPhone users?!? Is anyone buying a phone for two years based on how easy they can port contacts? No.    How about "Sony tries to provide decent customer support for users coming from other popular devices" Nah, that doesn't generate clicks. Remember that LG story with their 'spoof' commercial on panorama pictures? Now THAT'S targeting iPhone users.
New Posts  All Forums: