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sorry, to me (not saying i'm wealthy) its a phone, not an investment. thanks for your feedback tho, have a great day
No battery life discussed?! 16gb?! Thats some BS. Guess I will be hanging onto this 5S for at least a year off contract. (unless another company actually makes a good enough phone to get me to switch)
 I am 34 years old & have never had any phone that required 2 hands to operate and i never want one that does. 
because its a phone.  after reading your comments, I'm pretty sure you are just a troll on this this topic. 
 the size & form factor of the original iphone is what created the smartphone explosion. I hope it stays & dont understand why you are so butt-hurt over the idea of someone wanting a phone that isnt huge.As for the battery argument, there are many articles (use your search box) that say the note4 has a superior battery to the 6+. this isnt new news. not to mention the ability to simply swap out a dead battery in seconds if necessary. also, the power save mode is pretty...
I never said they should call it anything. i dont give a flying **** what they call it. i am glad you like a 6+ and you have the option to get one. my wife is getting one when her contract is up for renewal. but I & many others like myself, dont want/need a big phone.  as for battery specs, the #1 "con" on all reviews for the 6+ vs the note is Battery.  so, maybe you are in the minority here but i dont know anyone who actually uses their iphone (any iphone) for more than a...
i dont know how to simplify this more: it doesnt have to be as thin as the 6 or 6+.the note is slightly thicker than the 6+ and has a way better battery life. MANY people would gladly "sacrifice" dealing with a phone the thickness of the 5 to have better battery life and not have a protruding camera lens. 
 Do you read at all? I dont care about it being thinner or lighter. I have never picked up my 5S and said "wow, this is heavy" or "damn this is too thick" 
 agree 100%.the 6+ is a great device. just not practical for everyone. my career & lifestyle dont mesh with having to carry a large (fragile) device.  A smaller form factor makes way more sense for many people. My friend is a landlord & electrical contractor who is hanging on to his 4s because he hates the idea of carrying a bigger phone. he is ready to cave and get a 5S, not because he wants it, but because he is afraid they are only going to make big phones moving...
 What if that smaller phone phone had the same cam, chipset & features of the plus and instead of the big ass screen it had a better battery life? i would GLADLY pay $199 for that  
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