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samsung has blatantly copied apple from the devices look & feel itself  to its accessories & packaging.  
i understand what you said but at some point they must be discontinuing the older chips and only using the new ones. i dont imagine that its random which ones get the new chips. and shouldnt you be able to tell the manufacturing date based on the ser. # on the box?  
looks like ios6 will be on the ipad2, so i think thats the way to go. but i still am trying to figure out how to make sure i get the newest version of it.
the weight isnt a concern for me. i am just going to browse the web with it and rent some movies for when i travel. i am thinking ipad2 and an appleTV is going to be the way to go but i def wanna get the newest version.
i am going to buy another ipad soon. this one for a wifi16gb for myself. i was all for the new ipad but i have been considering the ipad2 because i can buy that & and appleTV for the same as the new ipad. i remember reading a while ago that there was a new version of the ipad2 out that was upgraded and had better performance and battery life. is this really the case & if so, how do i know which one i am getting?  how does the battery of the new ipad2 stack up against the...
thanks, i figure the 64 is way overkill and am leaning more towards the 16gb. just dont wanna be stuck without enough memory. i figured more people would have similar problems.
since buying my parents an ipad2 for xmas and playing with it enough to realize i want one, i have decided to grab (when available) the "new ipad" for my household. My only concern is which size to get? it will be used by me, the wife & our 2 boys. This is going to be for entertainment/web surfing only because i have a macbook, everyone else has a laptop and are going to get a "family" imac when i finish some renovations at home. i bought my parents a 16gb and even with...
we have 3 4s' in the house and i have a bunch of friends who have them and none of us have had poor battery life (k.o.w) if anything the battery life is really impressive. my brother in law has gone through 2 of the "best android on the market" since i got my 4s because he has nothing but battery problems with them (4g). we have "raced" the phones loading up sites and the 4s usually wins but i have vz and they have the best coverage in our area by far. Still, he wont...
ok, not a complete meltdown but the wifes VZ iphone 4s had a malfunction? phone had a 95% charge about two hours after coming off the charger. she then noticed that she could feel the heat through her sweatshirt pocket & the phones otterbox defender case. she took the case off and said she couldnt hold the phone because it was so hot. the screen was black and completely unresponsive. about an hour i held the phone and couldnt believe how hot it still was. we let it cool...
so 26% of buyers consider it a cheaper, good enough for now alternative to ipad2? that sounds about right and i wouldve assumed more. wait til holiday shopping kicks in and sales on these new "enhanced e-readers" start increasing. between the new, less expensive & more competitive offerings from manufacturers, coupled with the ipad2's position in its life cycle during peak shopping season, apple may lose out quite a bit. but do they care about that segment? i dont think so.
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