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i agree. but i think apple can/should offer 3 sizes of full featured phones & a cheapo version of the most popular size. I really hope they dont abandon the smaller form factor phones. i really did not care for the 6 or the 6+ as they are too big for my liking in everyday one-handed use out of my pocket. the wife loves them & is trying to decide between the 6 or the plus (which she was dead set on until she saw how big the 6 was).   
holding my friend's (who is in the apartment/landlord/real estate business & also hates bigger phones) 4s next to my 5s, it looks like the bezel (top & bottom) would have to be shrunken about 1/2 an inch overall to get the 5s screen into a 4s. i dont think that could happen because of the home button. i personally prefer the 4" screen anyway as it definitely was/is easier to use single-handed than the bigger screens and i have large hands.  i have a 1st gen ipod touch that...
not to pile on but i am going to pile on.  i have a 5S and just handled a 6. i can say i will NOT be getting a phone bigger than the 5S is. In fact, i miss my 4S's size.  i know the people over at apple have a boner for thin devices & a lot of people want a ipad in their pocket but not me. i am fine with a phone the same dimensions as the 4. If they want to shrink the bezels to get a bigger screen then whatever but i'd gladly take the 4" retina phone with modern guts, cam...
 i like my ipad2 the size it is and am intrigued by a slightly larger ipadAir,  but no, i dont want my "phone" big.  the 5 "isnt much bigger" than the 4, the 6 "shouldnt be much bigger" than the 5, etc etc. I understand theres a market for a bigger screen. my wife also has a 5s and wants a bigger screen. her best friend just went to a GS5 and my wife loves a lot about it. the screen size, water resistance (sh leaves phone around the sink/counter a lot), and the battery...
 That would be great! IF they dont compromise with the 4" models specs. Ideally, I'd love to see a revamped iphone4 with retina, new (energy efficient) chipset, and a lightweight rear panel. Then take some of the weight they shaved off in that process and Add that TO THE BATTERY! You would now have a phone that would appeal to tons of techs, mechanics, & contractors. even more so if they ruggedized it a little.
I am a 34yr old guy who (like the guys i hang around with) do NOT want a bigger phone. One of my friends still has his 4s because he hates a big phone. Due to some of my job requirements that can be (slightly) physical at times, i keep a slim case on my phone at work. I have a lot of friends who are plumbers, contractors, electricians etc that have to use lifeproof or otterbox cases while they are working. Add the bulk of that to a larger phone and you now have a brick...
Are chinese condoms really that small?
Same here. And i have to re-enter my password every time. Sux
I was having this issue so i reset settings and now it connects but wont connect automatcally or remember my network password. Any suggestions?
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