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Same here. And i have to re-enter my password every time. Sux
I was having this issue so i reset settings and now it connects but wont connect automatcally or remember my network password. Any suggestions?
thanks... says "preparing update" for about 10 mins now. about 45 mins since starting but i imagine there are millions of people doing the same thing right now. i am usually not one to jump on an os upgrade but i have been really anticipating this one. i am under contract for another year so i will have to wait for the 5s before i get a new phone.
uhoh... started download here in new england at about 1:10 and said "estimated 14 mins". its been stuck on "less than 1 minute" for about 15minutes now.  
the fact that companies copy apples designs so much is embarrassing. how do they look eachother in the face at the boardroom table when someone tries to say "this is our new design"? it must be a disgrace that their "ingenuity" is something employees in Cupertino though up years ago. Its also shameful that they are allowed to sell such blatant ripoffs as original!
heres a link to the source of that pic so you can see it. it is more than obvious where samsung is getting their ideas. http://cydiahelp.com/samsung-copies-apple/
samsung has blatantly copied apple from the devices look & feel itself  to its accessories & packaging.  
i understand what you said but at some point they must be discontinuing the older chips and only using the new ones. i dont imagine that its random which ones get the new chips. and shouldnt you be able to tell the manufacturing date based on the ser. # on the box?  
looks like ios6 will be on the ipad2, so i think thats the way to go. but i still am trying to figure out how to make sure i get the newest version of it.
the weight isnt a concern for me. i am just going to browse the web with it and rent some movies for when i travel. i am thinking ipad2 and an appleTV is going to be the way to go but i def wanna get the newest version.
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