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absolutely agree! apple needs to introduce new products. while every new product doesnt have to be revolutionary, they should be ok that evolutionary isnt a bad thing. an improved iphone w/ features consumers want will only help. they dont have do break the mold with every event. also, while the iphone4 is a great device that has sold like crazy, i know a good amount of people who say they preferred their droids. all for the same reason: using the iphone as a phone is...
i suppose this doesnt bode well for my hopes of apple lowering ipad prices for the holiday to compete more with these new lower priced (inferior) competitors. with sales this strong i would assume things will stay the same. kinda sux. maybe the "one more thing" will be a performance bump for the ipad2.
same here! i still dont have a "smart phone" and wont get one as long as they are going to charge me $400+ annually for a data plan i have no need for. sucks for me tho because i would love an iphone. i do need a new ipod nano and hope to see some upgrades on that
looks good to me. not really a feature i am looking for but seeing the last version supported a camera and the new one doesnt made no sense to me if people like the cam. my kids take quick vids and pics with their old nano's and i can see where some will like to get that feature back.
maybe a design somewhere between the current and last generation. something with a better/slightlt bigger screen but still small enough to be a wearable.
seems to me there are less leaks than normal. i dont expect to see an actual device like with the iphone4 situation but some rumored features and specs would be nice. as far as the 1.5" screen goes, i'll agree i wouldnt want to watch a movie on it but older generations had it and nano specific games could be fun timekillers. i am sure app developers could design some great apps for this size device.
so... retailers have the nanos (and other ipod products) on "sale" now. so does this mean a new product release? still no recent rumors or leaks for the new nano. apple must be making some strides w/ security. im hoping to see a nano very similar to the current model with a few upgrades like video playback and maybe their own section of the app store. hope to hear something soon. my wife broke my ipod classic & i am now in more of a rush for a new ipod.
same here. no need for data on phone but i have my ipod touch in one pocket & my dumb-phone in another. i only need a phone to talk & text and have no need for data. this new case obviously looks like a modified ip4. the tapered thin design (if real device) probably wouldnt fit a dual mode chipset, a5 and battery, which makes me hope that would be a basic version that i could maybe buy outright for a few hundred and activate without data plan.
i would not be surprised if the iphone 4s gains a5, bigger screen & world mode and becomes the flagship iphone while that tapered designed phone could be a basic iphone to replace the 3gs. (i personally would like to see an phone that does not require a data plan)
agree that multiple sourcing is a good idea to keep component prices down. but if apple can do it more "in house" and not have to deal with their competitors while still maintaining a good price, that would hurt samsung. that said, its sounding less "in house" and is now more like a huge preorder for sharp screens. but for what? retina ipad, iphones, or an apple tv?
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