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anyone else thinking/worried that if and when the ip5 gets launched, big red wont be invited to the party? or at least right away... i was speaking with my ups driver who's wife is a manager (regional) for verizon stores and they have not had any vacation days blacked out. nor have they been told of any new apple products. with verizon (and now t-mobil) siding with samsung in these patent wars, maybe apple is favoring att. to me it doesnt make much sense seeings how vz's...
absolutely agree! apple needs to introduce new products. while every new product doesnt have to be revolutionary, they should be ok that evolutionary isnt a bad thing. an improved iphone w/ features consumers want will only help. they dont have do break the mold with every event. also, while the iphone4 is a great device that has sold like crazy, i know a good amount of people who say they preferred their droids. all for the same reason: using the iphone as a phone is...
i suppose this doesnt bode well for my hopes of apple lowering ipad prices for the holiday to compete more with these new lower priced (inferior) competitors. with sales this strong i would assume things will stay the same. kinda sux. maybe the "one more thing" will be a performance bump for the ipad2.
same here! i still dont have a "smart phone" and wont get one as long as they are going to charge me $400+ annually for a data plan i have no need for. sucks for me tho because i would love an iphone. i do need a new ipod nano and hope to see some upgrades on that
looks good to me. not really a feature i am looking for but seeing the last version supported a camera and the new one doesnt made no sense to me if people like the cam. my kids take quick vids and pics with their old nano's and i can see where some will like to get that feature back.
maybe a design somewhere between the current and last generation. something with a better/slightlt bigger screen but still small enough to be a wearable.
seems to me there are less leaks than normal. i dont expect to see an actual device like with the iphone4 situation but some rumored features and specs would be nice. as far as the 1.5" screen goes, i'll agree i wouldnt want to watch a movie on it but older generations had it and nano specific games could be fun timekillers. i am sure app developers could design some great apps for this size device.
so... retailers have the nanos (and other ipod products) on "sale" now. so does this mean a new product release? still no recent rumors or leaks for the new nano. apple must be making some strides w/ security. im hoping to see a nano very similar to the current model with a few upgrades like video playback and maybe their own section of the app store. hope to hear something soon. my wife broke my ipod classic & i am now in more of a rush for a new ipod.
same here. no need for data on phone but i have my ipod touch in one pocket & my dumb-phone in another. i only need a phone to talk & text and have no need for data. this new case obviously looks like a modified ip4. the tapered thin design (if real device) probably wouldnt fit a dual mode chipset, a5 and battery, which makes me hope that would be a basic version that i could maybe buy outright for a few hundred and activate without data plan.
i would not be surprised if the iphone 4s gains a5, bigger screen & world mode and becomes the flagship iphone while that tapered designed phone could be a basic iphone to replace the 3gs. (i personally would like to see an phone that does not require a data plan)
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