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just read this on another apple site: "It has been speculated that a possible networked television set from Apple won’t gain traction due to vendors going after each other’s throat with low-priced commodity products that yield very slim margins. This would force Apple out of the entry- to mid-level range and the company would price itself even out of the premium segment, conventional wisdom has it. Then again, wasn’t the mobile landscape riddled with same barriers to entry...
i wanna see them in person. i like the idea of the polycarbonate vs rubber like the tiktok & lunatik. i cant stand rubber bands. i usually wear titanium watches, but havent found a titanium band for the nano. i tried on a clear polycarbonate watch a few years ago and it felt ok.
i understand that its not apple releasing the accessories but i would assume they are informing them of any major changes. i remember those leaks from earlier this year but find it odd theres been nothing else about it if a refresh is around the corner. i'd like to see a camera on it but am more interested in games tailored to the nano. and access to nano apps would be cool.
the new bose in ears are great. the are pricey and they take a little getting used to but they sound great and the rubber they use is really comfortable. i have worn then for 8+/- hours without any discomfort. "Scosche IDR350md Increased Dynamic Range Earphones" are a less expensive option (less than $50) that are good too. my kid has em and they are surprisingly good.
thats what i figure. i assume they wont change design too much because they are launching new accessories for it. a refresh is probably coming soon tho, they are discounted at most retailers. suppose i'll wait, i am using my kids older nano (g2) because my wife smashed my classic and i decided to replace it with a nano. i am just surprised there hasnt been any "leaks" or rumors about the update. anybody have experience with the new polycarbonate hex icon watchbands? look...
i like the watchband idea (for riding & biking) and am considering getting an ipod nano but with apple normally launching new ipods in september would i be jumping the gun? i havent heard anything about a new nano since last spring when the body with a lens hole was shown. apple just introduced some new cases for the current nano's a couple weeks ago so is it safe to assume any upgrade would be minor? i am not in a huge rush for this so i am leaning towards waiting til...
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