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[quote]Originally posted by CosmoNut: I've ALWAYS thought that "fora" would be the proper plural form of forum. Hmm, I'm not alone. [Hmmm] [Chilling]
Yep - according to Webster too. And likewise, medium (singular) and media (plural).
I could repeat "New Jersey" over and over, but then you might have to shoot me or something.
When I search AI it appears that I can only search by individual forum. Since some topics can fall in more than one forum, I have to search each forum individually. Why can't you make it so that I can search all fora (notice that use of the plural, lol) at once? Am I missing something here? Thanks.
Yeah - the Apple rep at the Genius Bar earned his stripes by diagnosing and fixing the problem pretty quickly. I did hang around and reinstall the hardware drivers after re-booting in OS 9, just to make sure that everything worked before I took it home again. Pretty good customer service by Apple I'd say.
Yes - I was the first person to return his iMac to the Apple Clarendon store after screwing it up. Apparently you need to boot into OS 9 when installing hardware drivers - you can't boot into OS X and then start up the classic environment for the install (who knew?). After all, all of my software installs worked just fine this way. The end result was a clicking hardrive and a flashing question mark when re-booting. And, neither being familiar with OS X nor having a...
Similar topic, but I've got a Tangerine iMac and a new iMac SD and a firewire cable. Not being technical, can I just hook the old iMac into the new one via Firewire and transfer files that way? Will an icon for the old iMac automatically appear on the desktop of the new iMac? The old iMac is still running OS 9.2. Do I need to turn on file sharing or anything? Thanks.
Things do look slightly cartoonish. I'm playing Starcraft Broodwar on my new iMac SD, which is native at 1024, but SCBW runs in 800x600, so the images appear a bit oversized. Blizzard needs to release a new version of SC (please!). One thing that threw me for a loop, being naive about these matters, is that I expected the extra room on the LCD iMac versus the CRT iMac would mean that I'd see more of the game's playing field. This didn't happen. Instead everything just...
Problem solved. Thanks both. After thirty minutes on the phone with Comcast last night I was ready to pull my hair out. I tried again this morning and actually got a tech who knew a thing or two. Turns out Eugene was right, in a sense. Comcast takes the MAC addresses from your computer and saves them in their server. So when my new iMac tried to connect, the Comcast server didn't recognize the MAC addresses. This was solved by doing two things. One, power cycling...
I'm number 25 or so on the Apple Clarendon (Virginia) Store iMac SD list and I was called yesterday to come in and pick mine up. So the new iMacs are slowly working their way out to the Apple stores.
Well the Apple Store in Clarendon (Virginia) has only received about 6-7 iMacs so far, and that was days ago. They don't expect the next shipment until maybe Monday. Since I'm number 25 or so on their list I'll probably end up having to wait a full month after I placed my name on their list to get my machine. So don't get the impression that there are heaps of iMacs sitting around the Apple Stores - they're just as starved for the new iMacs as everyone else. So much...
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