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 As a gay man, I had to sign in to AppleInsider for the first time in years and respond to this fallacy.   Your "reasonable assumption" is incorrect, for a number of reasons:   1)  Rape is an act of aggression and power--not sexual desire.  2)  Heterosexual men have greater access to young boys vs. young girls.3)  Pre-pubescent oung boys are often appealing substitutes for young girls.  More info on that is here:  http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/Articles/000,002.htm The...
Will Demi Moore play the Lisa?
Thank you, Steve, for making my world a better place. RIP. --GTSC
I was just in the Glendale Galleria today, and unless my memory is faulty, it appears that the Apple Store is in a slightly different location than I remember it. Or maybe it's the remodel that's throwing me. Although the Americana is the Grove on steroids (capped by overpriced condos and apartments that Caruso & Co. is having trouble moving), it's a smart place to put the Apple Store because of all the walking traffic. The only benefit of the Galleria now is the A/C...
The headless Mac we've all been clamoring for! *runs away*
I was in St. Louis on a work assignment when I scheduled a One to One appointment for my new iPhone, and I remembered thinking, "Gee, this Apple Store is tiny!" But the guy who assisted me was totally cute, so that made up for it. I look forward to photos of the new store. GTSC
Whenever I need to pick up paper towels, pistachio nuts and and an iPad, I go to Walmart. GTSC
I have seen the movie and David Lean created a more believable mirage with a 1960s Panavision camera than Microsoft did for this advertisement. That's saying something.GTSC
No, just five heavily overworked Chinese nine-year olds. /snark GTSC
Targeting the needs of multiple orientations makes sense, since Apple has always been gay-friendly. GTSC
New Posts  All Forums: