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I have no idea. I believe they are windows media player formatted or something. Just most streaming videos in general that are embedded in a site I cannot watch. I figured this would be a common problem. Flash seems to run fine though...
I can't figure out what plug in a need to play streaming videos that are imbedded into many sites now days(youtube.com, ebaumsworld.com ect.) I got it to work wtih safari but with Firefox it always displays some green wrench or something to symbolize it won't play and when I hit "find plug ins" it just takes me to microsofts website. I already have windows media player installed...whats the hold up? I am running OSX(the latest version) on a MacBook.
iTunes is perfect, that way in 20years when the next generation ask "why is it iTunes" I can say "well you see a long time ago Apple only sold music through iTunes. And then the kids go "wow, I can't believe that, they sell food through iTunes now..."
Ok I guess I will try see if I can figure out how to use that.
Anyone know of an easy to use program for creating my own blog? I never use blog sites like xanga or myspace, but I still want to try to create a blog. Most of the programs i have looked at either have really complicated instructions or require kind of a lot of knowledge of different types of code that I have no previous knowledge of. I do somewhat like iWeb's simplicity and I figure I could always buy a domain name and have it redirect itself to the .mac URL for my...
I just bought a macbook, a week ago...just a little to early to get the free nano. I am still pretty sick about that. :-)
I set up my smtp and pop settings in Mail the same as I did on my powerpc powerbook. But it still refuses to send mail and continues to say it cannot connect to server. Since I am using a wireless router, i push in smtp-server.hawaii.rr.com (for road runner in Hawaii). and that works fine on my powerpc powerbook's mail. However this macbook won't accept it. Anyone know why?
I was downloading a video off the internet(nothing illegal, just a collection of short clips from a band I like). Then I realized I couldn't play it. It is a .mkv format and won't play using VLC player(usually that will play anything). Anyone know what type of player or codec I need to play this type of file?
I remember I read a post hear long ago on how to get Quicktime to show full screen...I downloaded the script and followed instructions to get an applescript menu(in the top right corner of desktop near the clock(bluetooth, airport menus ect). I updated OS and did other things and now its gone...how can I get the menu back? I am running the latest OSX on a powerbook 1.67 if that helps.
New Posts  All Forums: