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oh so there is no way to view the file?
I got a few WMV files from a friend and they don't play....when I double click it sends me to a web site that my player needs to be compatible with M7 and cannot play the file. What does this all mean? this is the actual URl http://windowsmedia.com/wmrm/wmrm.asp thats where it sends me, idk what to do with it.
havn't had time to put in panther yet...hopefully I will soon. If its anything like X to Jaguar, I am gonna be happy. :-D
k that works like i said quick and simple you guys don't gotta make me feel plain retarded :-D I tried everything I would expect from AIM, like their remove buddy ect. I should have treated it more like a regular mac app...I guess... thanks
How do I delete buddies? I got some on it that I don't even know who they are anymore, and I want to delete some of them, but can't figure it out. Left clicking deleting nothing gets rid of them....I want it clean so only the few people I really chat with often, actually are visible.
the one at my store didn't know about Unreal Tournament being good or not...I didn't get mad at hIm. :-D some of them don't know everything. But, at least he doesn't say it DOES have stuff when it doesn't, I rather hear the drive doesn't have it, and pleasently find it, rather then him bs'ing that it does when it doesn't...
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