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I know I have only 1 512mb ram module in my computer. When I check my comp settings it says 1 512, and another slot empty. So if I use another 1 gig module, will my computer act like it was 1.5gig of memory? I know if I used a 256 and 256 along with a 1gig module in my 1.6G5 desktop, it would not be as powerful as a 256 x4 set up. Yet, I heard that with laptops it works differently and even though the sizes are not paired, it will still work the same. btw, how...
alright so i need to get a 512 stick with my current 512 stick... I was hoping the rules were different for powerbooks and I could use a 1gig but I am sure another 512 will help a lot either way. Thanks
I tried searching already, but I guess I don't know what words to use(this is the disclaimer against the people who like to reply with witty comments on using the search feature). :-D I have a G4 15inch 1.67ghz powerbook, still with the stock ram(512). However I want to have at least 1gig, and hopefully 1.5gig. Basically, can I buy just a 1gig crucial ram and put it in? I remember reading that laptops are not like desktops and I can have two different size ram...
When OS 10.4 came out my BenQ moust wouldn't work with the update so I downloaded USB Overdrive and have been using that as this forum recommended. However, I was using it for temporary purposes, in hopes that eventually Mac OS X would have an update that fixes the problem. However, neither BenQ or Apple has done anything to my knowledge. Does anyone know any alternate routes to fixing this issue? If I pay for USB overdrive will it no longer require me to open the app...
I knew exactly what type of guy he was trying to be. Those types of guys that want to just stick out and get there 5 secs of internet fame can have it. I rather wait for someone to actually help me if that is possible.
sorry I guess it was not clear enough. Do all color screen iPods, when the battery is low, no longer display photos?
my iPod nano, after the batter reached red, stopped displaying photos? I wanted to check if this is just because it is in the red, or...if it is defective. when I went to the photo screen all it showed were a lot of boxes...with instead of pictures in them, little gray boxes, when I clicked on one all it would do is show a black screen, when I first started my iPod and used it it would show the actual pictures just fine...but now it wont'. I am waiting for the battery...
thank you for your insight. I will take it into consideration.
thanks for the help, I kept searching the microsoft website but I only found stuff for the 2003 office for PC. Nothing for the mac version. Thanks a lot.
thanks for the help, I will be sure to look for a new version.
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