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Anyone know how to do this? I thought it was just using a simple template and it is done. However I can neither find a template or find anything related to resumes in the help part of microsoft word. Anyone have any idea what is the best way to go about doing this? I am merely a college student looking for a little part time job so I don't need anything really fancy but I want it to be somewhat nice.
I have been trying to boot rom my diskwarrior or my techtool cd(from apples protection plan) and every time I restart and hold C, the grey start up screen comes on and then all of a suddent text just starts scrolling, ending with "we are hanging here" and all kinds of other weird "kernel yadda yadda" stuff. Anyone know how to fix this? is it just the versions are to old to be used with 10.4?
I have friends in the Tokyo area, primarily around Kichijouji, Yokohama, Ibarakiken. Although this past summer I studied in Suita, Osaka for a couple months. I enjoy visiting Tokyo for a weekend or so, but I loved studying in Osaka. Probably gonna try make it a yearly thing to go back there.eeeeeeeeee
I found that I just change my settings in Hotmail entirely to Japanese settings I am able to send mail in Japanese. So now once I log into hotmail, everything is in Japanese but I can at least sent my messages in Japanese characters Thank you very much for all of your help.
yes, you are the savior I have been waiting for. Exactly how do I change the settings for the mail going out? do I just type shift_jis or something? that part I do not entirely understand, if worse comes to worse I will sign up for a hotmail.co.jp account, hopefully that would work better.
if anyone one has any solutions at all invovled with e-mailing Japanese text, please let me know. I have been desperately searching google for answers and ntohing has come up helpful.
I just returned from a study abroad in Japan. I made a couple good friends and one I want to keep in touch with. Problem is her cell phone is the only way to e-mail since she doesn't have a computer, and so far my hotmail account will send Japanese text properly. My regular account won't send readable mail at all. thats why I have been sending hotmail e-mails in roman letters. A friend of mine said it is based upon the browser encoding, if my browser encoding is not...
nope I am running 10.4.1
Someone on the AI forums recommended the BenQ M310 mouse to me. I liked the look so I ordered it and now it won't work. I assume it is due to tiger because it works alright on my desktop that runs panther still. I am currently using a 15inch 1.67 power book and I am unable to find a way to get it to work. Whenever I hit the buttons the mouse arrow image thingy on my desktop shoots straight to a corner like the apple or spotlight rather then clicking on what i wanted...
I already bought BenQ wireless USB mouse...but I was wondering how does it compare to a blue tooth one? I totally forgot my PB came with BT and I totally forgot mouses came in BT. So I just rush ordered a benQ one since I need it before I go on a trip in a week. But I still wanted to know what system is better overall?
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