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Since apple has released tiger this month, rather then attending macworld in july. Do you think they wanted to give some space, to introduce new powermacs/powerbooks in July's macworld. Or is the chance of updates now just pushed till the next macworld in fall? I have been holding out on this stupid powerbook release for a long time already. I am going on a study abroad program overseas in May. You think its better to just buy a powerbook already once tiger come...
I have been having a lot of trouble with my Mail app recently. It seems everyday it has a thing pop up "server rejects password please reenter" and I have to type it in. Plus sometimes I will send an e-mail and after a friend replies I will not recieve it until a week later, and it will accept it all at once. doesn't seem like its my e-mail provider because it says the date it was recieved was like "Jan 30" but I get it on Feb 7th, when I check my e-mail everyday. ...
....I think they just absolutely need to put in MSN support. I can't use iChat right now because half my friends are using MSN since everyone outside of the U.S. uses MSN and I have only talked to a couple people in foreign countries using AOL. The rest are all MSN.
I hope so, the real stuff hasn't been updated in a while. The past macworld was a whole "lets get real small" fiasco (mini, shuffle). So lets just pray this macworld becomes a power user day (powermac, powerbook, tigger) :-D
....I don't mind using those iBooks. SInce apple is so genious in the design department. when I borrow my familys(I think its like around 500mhz or something actually) ibook, I get a lot of compliments from girls that it looks soooooo cool and new. When I let them know its close to 5 years old or so. They don't care cuz its "pretty" :-D
nah, I am not that obsessed with the idea of a powerbook G5. I know nothing about building a G5 that goes into a powerbook, and I would be happy if they never did a powerbook G5 but at least got a G4 one that was close to the 2ghz levels. I have a 1.6 G5 I use right now. Since I am getting a powerbook to replace my G5(not literally but for while I go away for college in fall). I would want a G4 that can keep up with my G5 I use currently. Basically if they...
This past update...idk if you guys cared...but I was pissed off. I saw on Apple.com "new powerbook" yet after looking at the specs(since I didn't memorize the previous specs) I felt it was the same powerbook and in order to not seem so lame they though if they make the super track pad it would be a huge hit! Is there anything pointing to a real powerbook coming out with Tiger at Macworld in July? I go out of country from May to the end of the june, and I am just...
Thank you for responding, but as I stated earlier, the button does not work at anytime. when there is not even a CD in the drive, it will not eject the drive so I can add a CD in, I need to boot up iTunes and do it. I did take the advice of the others who said put it on my taskbar and that has been a help. Thank you
thanks for the tip
I realize that, but to put CD's in I need to open it. I know there are many ways of opening and closing the CD tray, I just want the one on my keyboard to work.
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