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First of all my keyboard will not eject my CD drive anymore(I have a 1.6ghz G5 if that matters). So I always have to open iTunes and eject that way. I tried exchanging keyboards but that doesn't work either. Any way to open my drive a little easier? Also for any adium user...whats the best way to change my list around?!?!?! the damn thing always reverts back to old list, the groups I put in it eventually moves people back to the old one. the people I delete it...
I loved iChat when it first came out, but realized I wanted to chat on MSN at the same time. Adium had a simple interface I liked using. So I switched to Adium and lately it has been messing up a lot(i guess thats why its still a beta). Adium has frozen a lot and I never know if I am really online and if my friends are sending me messages that I am missing or what. Anyone know when Adium will update again or if there are any programs almost as good as adium?
those are some fancy ideas, I am usually lazy enough to just put a sticker on and cover it up :-D
.....I totally forgot I ordered one of those! I think I got another two weeks of waiting still..
I am one of those that hate online communities like xanga, myspace, and asian avenue. A lot of my friends have been making their own blogs, since one of them discovered pMachine(pmachine.com) and now they have their own blogs away from all the xanga/myspace nonsense. I was wondering if there is an app that was made for the mac and that is easy to learn and I would be able to practice on my mac and later transfer it to one of the servers I will eventually get. I have...
gene clean where did you get that desktop? it looks bad ass and I need one like it :-D
I pods won't stop until they become standard in hospitols, being installed into your children.
I must get Tiger...after watching the keynote, I am in love with Dashboard. Since I am a college student my friends are all over the country, to see the weather where they are in an instant along with finding out exchange rates for the friends that are out of country. I know this is all available right now online or something, but the idea of it being a first party app and me not having to go online makes me happier :-D. Not to mention it will help me eliminate...
people call my iPod a "walkman" even. When i am at work whenever they refer to me just listening to music they always say "using your walkman" so if a decade from now people refer to mobile music players as "your ipod" that should show a lot of longevity. The ipod itself does take off right where the walkman left off. With a lot of different models like the walkman CD player, the jogging model, the AM/FM model. with the mini, shuffle, photo, regular, its a market...
Apples reputation? That no longer revolves around them making faster processors, THE only way Apples reputation would go down is if they didn't come out with a smaller iPod and more colors in one year. :-)
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