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ibook911; you are one whole step ahead of me. :-D I have been waiting for a powerbook since september. I figured I didn't need it during that semester of school so i thought I would wait till january, and since mac world SF didn't have an update I didn't get one and got a shuffle. Now that I know my schedule for school and don't really need a powerbook again, I figured I will wait until summer or so. ....idk. why I explained all that, the bottom line of this reply...
What would you rather wait for? A bump in speed or slight drop in price for the powerbook? or when tiger is released and comes with the computer? The way I see it, probably a speed bump or minor update will come well before tiger...so I am probably gonna wait for tiger and just get both. EDIT: This is in the case that you are geting a powerbook, not if its a powerbook or tiger(somebody below didn't really get the concept).
I guess I have to agree with the "cheating the system" thing from ipodandimac. If to many people were getting educational discounts and apple, or even worse companies like Adobe that give huge educational discounts, had to lessen the amount of the dicounts or do away with the program altogether, that would suck dong.
I don't think it would be much of an issue. If anything act like your related. When I bought my G5 I walked into the apple store and was about to get it, but my Dad who had just finished a dinner asked them if he would get one since he taught part time at a little college. So he went home grabbed his pay stub and then I payed with my cc. ....when I think about it my situation is way different so IDK if that helped :-D but I would say go for it...
I have my mac open to a blank window. Its the next best thing to it opening straight to porn. As far as having my mac opening to something like www.apple.com/imac I don't see that making sense, since they are going onto a mac they already are seeing how pretty the computers are. My iBook from 4 years ago, when I carry that around people think I bought a new computer. My graphite moniter even though not an LCD or flat screeen still looks nicer then most...
the one day I sleep all day because of thanksgiving night drinking...is the one day I could have saved money. crap
I am looking for a decent to good microphone for my 1.6ghz G5. In high school I used to use the little mac mic and some sharware to record my oral reports for class. I need a microphone again now and was wondering what is a good one to get? and what would be a good OSX software to record? thanks
he was not being that SERIOUS anti mac, or anything of the sort...at least thats what it seemed like to me. I took his "RANT RANT RANT" as more of a joke. He was trynna start a thread to give people a place to rant, I guess it backfired.
wow...he is just saying there are limitations to mac, and its true. He also explains he does love his mac. So why do people always have to get offensive and try to start something with stupid comments. I would never buy a PC. At times I wish I had a couple things PC's have, yet I know if I had a PC I would always want a lot of things Macs have.
1. What Mac do you own? I own a 1.6ghz G5 2. What do you do with it? Primariliy homework and chatting with friends online. A lot of research and occasionally "movies" slowly starting to do web design type work again. 3. In retrospect, what Mac should you have bought? Basically an iBook or Powerbook would have been reasonable at the time. As of now I am happy I got the G5 because I was debating between the G5 or a G4 of similar speed. I am happy I spent a...
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