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as far as the DVD player goes. I have been trying to figure out a way to just reinstall the DVD player part of the OS. First I tried that "software restore" program in the utilities, yet it requires some disc, thats gray and has two dots, I can't find it anywhere in my CD box, so IDK if I lost it or I am looking for the wrong thing. I tried the other 4 CDs I recieved with my G5(the three install disc and the developer tools), none of them were any help. I also tried...
I am downloading VLC player now. only other keyboard I have is the older ones that came with my G4(first gen G4, not the quicksilver one or whatever) will that one even work with my G5?
the DVD player on my comp does not work anymore. I've tried restarting and running the mac's general first aid disk type stuff. It still crashes every time I open it up. Why is this? I have noticed my G5 1.6 slowly dieing out. on the num pad my volume control keys and my CD eject key don't work any more. I am running the latest version of of OSx 10.3.5 i believe. Anyone know how to solve my two big problems?
my computer is a 1.6ghz first gen G5 with 4 dimm slots. currently two are occupied with the stock 128s.
$78 for a new 512mb DDR pc2700. Yet, my manual for my G5 confirmed that "all DIMM"s should be installed in pairs in the adjacent slots" or something like that. Why does apple say that?
I keep hearing occasionally about ram having to be installed "in pairs" I have 256 stock and just bought a 512 from new egg(crucial ram). Will it work properly or would I have to drop the 256 and go straight for 1G? someone told me having the 768 won't function properly.
thats the same thing that happened to my G5 a lot, I just did a defrag and some other mac utitlities and it works a lot better now. THe fan thing is irratating, my parents can hear it from downstairs.
why is everyone posting there e-mails at something (at) something dot com? is it to prevent spammers? thats the only excuse i could think off.
For some reason the numpad controls for my volume and CD drive do not owkr in on my keyboard. I am considering buying a new keyboard from apple(unless anyone has an idea why just the volume and cd tray buttons don't work). I remember when I had my PC about 5 years ago I used an ergonomic keybaord and loved it. So I was either gonna get just a plan apple replacement or an ergonomic one if any mac company does make one. Thanks for your help.
for an external HD what would be better, USB 2.0 or Firewire? from what I understand USB 2.0 has a faster trasnfer rate? am I correct? I plan to use it to transfer files from my desktop to my laptop. So it would be helpful to have it be portable and carry it everywhere.
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