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I wonder if this would have helped the guy from Mozilla. He was discriminated against
I want to create many iMovies from my home VHS tapes and want to store every thing on an RAID mirrored external hard drive and not on the iMac.  Not sure how to do that?  I made one iMovie and that info is in the Movie folder under the home folder on the iMac.  Some of the files and folders in that Movie folder are not obivious what they are used for.   ​Can I just move the existing Movie folder to the external hard drive and save all of the newly created iMovies to that...
Greenpeace is a group of environmental whackos.
The government probably thinks that it would be great if they could kill your particular phone.  Making too many crank calls, kill that phone!
IDC needs to manufacture a phone to show everyone how to make and sell cheap phones. Let them lead the way, cheap skates.
I have Apple for the long term. Voted no.
Apple. Is going to sell a lot of the Mac Pros. I wish I could afford one.
This is becoming more of a problem for me over the years.  I print a monthly calendar in  portrait orientation that has our birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  The past couple of years I found MS word templates that I could add the info.  I spent the last hour searching the internet but no luck.  In the good old days, I used Calendar Maker by Prairie Group which was a great application but only works with OS 10.6.  Apple's Calendar app print out uses very small type about 8...
We have three Ritetemp programmable thermostats. Two control hydronic floor heat on each end of the house and the third one controls the forced air heat exchanger. We heat with propane, I wished we could heat with natural gas which is the cheapest. The most expensive method is electric. We get a lot of solar gain with most of the windows facing south and get to enjoy a wood pellet in between. Our setup works well for us.
I was wondering if anyone on this forum plays Combat Mission.  This World War II tactic  game is developed by Battlefront.com.  The game interface is mostly point and click. This game can be played on a Windows commuter besides a Mac.  I am using a 27 inch iMac 2.8 Ghz with 12 GB of memory, this is one of the first 27" iMacs.     I am modifying some of the scenarios and some of these have huge maps.  When doing this, point on a button to select a map feature then click...
New Posts  All Forums: