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Greenpeace are eco-fascist backwards thinking fools! Don't let them destroy the energy sector with their government funded faux-science on "man made" (man-bear-pig) climate change nonsense! We'd be back in the dark ages if it were up to those Socialists!
Don't fall for this nonsense of man-made "man-bear-pig" climate change clap-trap, it's all government funded junk science. Greenpeace will be exposed in the near future for what they really are: trying to shut down Western economies with their stupid wind turbines that could never replace nuclear, don't give into their fascist demands.
The way forward, as I believe it to be, is with wireless electricity. That I have heard could come in 2012 with a new iPhone. If you look at the facts and a predictable path it fits in because at CES2011 there was product after product with wireless electricity capabilities - and they all worked just fine. In Apple's court though you only have to look at iOS 5 with its ability to wirelessly sync whenever connected to a power source, well, if that were always the case then...
Ah, very good, thanks for that. It seems a little special in its own box, I wanted it to be seamless, however that was then, it's probably better now. I like the interaction, because that's what I wanted, not for a logo but as an active object. Very useful, thanks!
All I am concerned with is the ability to use COLLADA (.dae) files within the UI of OS X, okay so I'm not going to use a chair as a button, perhaps as an object. I would like to know, as in QuickLook, if it is possible to say manipulate (i.e. rotate) the 3D Object that is a part of the UI, as if it were a logo of a company lets say (yes, I know it's not the done thing). How compatible is the .dae format with OS X's programming tools? Thanks.
Reading of COLLADAs introduction into Snow Leopard (http://loewald.com/blog/?p=1308) is it possible then to actually put 3D models inside apps as a part of the UI? So I could have a chair lets say as a button, just as an example. Or are we just talking about QuickLook?
I've got to say, that this isn't "bad", but Microsoft's no compromise attitude is going to eventually lose them the race because the device (and it's new market) needs a purpose built UI. I will also say that Apple has had nothing but a positive impact on the industry as they have been the catalyst for invention and that's what often lacks in this industry - true ingenuity and competition from the big players. If anything Microsoft should be thanking Apple - forcing...
Ugh, what's the point?! It's a step back from Thunderbolt! With these things you'll never achieve the theoretical speeds printed on the box, the only way to achieve those would be to plug them in via Thunderbolt which can easily lap USB3 speeds. There are, most likely (I think I can say that here), going to be adaptors for USB3 via Thunderbolt in the near future - they will achieve speeds greater than the dedicated variety on competitors hardware. Why add another hole...
I think it could be for Wi-tricity, wireless power charging of devices. Do that and you could use pure fibre-optic cabling to double the Thunderbolt speeds we presently have, while charging the external HDD wirelessly. Don't forget the presence of wireless electricity at this years CES(2011), everyone was doing it, it's ready now and I believe it could be in iPhones next year (2012).
I would say that you'll only start to see the Time Capsule become a non issue, i.e. the thing it is supposed to be, when WiGig gets rolled out - which you should start to see late this year beginning next in 2012. That will give 6Gbps within about 10m range, so backing up won't be an issue. And while the TC is about storage, thus the predictable increases in TB (up to 3TB now) the use of SSD will dramatically cut the main issues people have with the TC; which is heat!...
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