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Mr. Digler, your articles are so annoying because you never link to the original source. I wanted to read how Munster explained his justification for being wrong, but the link sent me back to an earlier AI article. That article contained nothing but links to past AI articles. Next time this happens, I stop bothering with your writing. If you don't trust me with the sources you're basing your analysis on, I don't trust your analysis.
I pity the jurors. Imagine sitting through weeks of a trial full of arcane tech details. *shivers* Patent matters shouldn't be settled by jury trials—the issues are too complex for non-experts and take so much time being chosen for the jury is a serious penalty.   
  Zunx, I'd put that anger in a box and not shout it out. If I saw your tag on some software I was thinking of purchasing, I'd probably avoid it. I use plenty of apps (yeah, apps—that's what everyone calls software now) that aren't available through the Mac App store. But if an unknown developer is shouting to me that he doesn't want to comply with Apple's standards without giving me an explanation as to why his products can't be offered that way, I'm going to worry about...
I'm looking for a system-wide dictionary that allows me to not only "learn" new words (I write fantasy, so I create a lot of non-English words) but also gives me the option to, at minimum, indicate how to make the word plural and possessive. Even better, it would allow me to mark the word as a noun, verb, etc. and indicate all possible variants on it. In Word or Pages, I always have to have the dictionary "learn" every variant of each word and even then, it sometimes tells...
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