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As a subtle jab at BB, showing them what they'll never have?
"This means that anyone who analyzed Tuesday's results and still came back with a Watch shipments number under 2 million is being willfully incorrect. Simple extrapolation of the 2 million / 58 days pace gives us 2.15 million"Did you even read the article? These look like facts to me...or do you really consider this opinion?
Didn't Beats have something like $1.5 billion in revenue in 2013? How do you drop Beats plus AppleTV down to 150 million for a quarter in 2015? From what dark hole are you pulling these numbers?
 By that theory shouldn't the US be taxing all global commerce that you seem to think is protected by the US military?
 Is this grammatically incorrect sentence intentionally ironic?  I'm guessing not which makes it even funnier.
Your original comment specifically addressed the tone of the article.  This isn't just a response to a negative spin article, it's unsubstantiated crap made out of whole cloth.  Why shouldn't cheats and liars be pointed out as cheats and liars.  The author, DED, has articles like this pointing out the lies of business journalists more than once a month.  If you've had an AI account for a few years and never read one of those articles you were really avoiding the site...
Steve Jobs thought the same thing, but he and you are both clearly wrong.  I don't stream music much myself but you and I are in the minority.  If you add up all the Spotify, Pandora, iTunes radio, iHeartRadio, rdio, etc. users it's quite a large number and many of them stream music all day every day.  Now offer all those people and the rest of the world three free months on Apple Music and it would be silly to think that there won't be multiple hundreds of millions of...
iTunes Radio is only available in America and Australia to iOS or Mac users.  You are probably right that iTunes radio is up to 200 million listener hours per month now, however that is only a tiny fraction of the amount of use Apple Music will see.  Since Apple Music will also be on Android you're looking at nearly all the mobile phones in the world having access to this service with a couple billion devices that can access the service for free for 3 months. You could...
Please stop the willful ignorance. As the original poster said we are subsidizing library broadband internet which is intended to benefit the same poor people as subsidized federal data plans. Library internet is mentioned in the article. Unnecessary double subsidization as the OP said.
The point is valid regardless. If we're subsidizing poor people's internet at the federal level we don't also need to do so at the local level. How is that point lost on you?
New Posts  All Forums: