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How much was the transaction for? I've never been asked to sign on an Apple Pay charge in America or Europe (hundreds of transactions now) using American cards first on my 6 Plus and now with the incredible convenience of the Apple Watch.
I talked about how cheaply you could get a 4, 4s or 5.  Way to go trolling around cherry picking the facts and ignoring the entirety of the post.  Do you really believe that an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 is less secure than an Android with the numerous issues that constantly crop up?  There are still many millions of iPhone 4's out in the wild.  Have you seen any articles about huge exploits being found in their OS?
 Your lies #1 "Yes you did when you suggested that they couldn't be submitted as wrong decisions because they weren't recent enough."  He did not say anywhere that they could not be submitted as wrong decisions. Please show us where he said this. #2 - "I gave you 13, which you claim don't count for reasons I can't begin to understand."  He did not claim in any way that they didn't count.  He implied their value of "counting" should be evaluated and probably should be...
Your first and second points are just lies. Why are you clearly and knowingly lying to all of us. He gave you credit for all of them possibly being legiymately bad decisions when he came upwith the figure of 99.87 percent of total decisions being correct. You acknowledged this part of his comment by saying these 13 aren't the limit of the courts mistakes, so you yourself addressed his acceptance of these as possible mistakes. Please stop the nonsense!
Maybe so, but the article is about the poor supposedly being unable to afford iPhones. If the poor were desperately concerned about security they could buy a used/refurbished iPhone 4, 4s or 5 for very reasonable prices and get most of Apple's best-in-class security features.
Well I guess it depends on if you live in an area with Craigslist or not. A 20 second search on Craigslist Chicago area turned up at least 10 iPhone 4s's for sale at $100 or less.
What facts? It's all opinions. What attack? My question addresses facts.
So your explanation is a opinion filled blog post by a music insider who doesn't like Iovine, another music insider? Talk about digging deep...
 I don't disagree, but it seems reasonable to expect some explanation to back up such a black & white statement.
 Not sure exactly what he's referring to, but maybe this - http://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2015/11/02/microsoft-confirms-unstoppable-windows-10-tracking/ or this - http://gizmodo.com/microsoft-scraps-unlimited-onedrive-storage-and-cuts-it-1740232233 Neither sounds particularly good, but maybe the first one would scare more people off. oops, research took too long and he already responded...
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