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  There may not be many businesses that use it, but some that do have seen huge adoption rates.  The MLB stadiums that accept Passbook even at the end of last season were seeing 10% of fans coming to baseball games were using Passbook.  In some stadiums that would mean 4,000+ tickets per game using Passbook.  I believe American Airlines also saw incredibly high rates of adoption last year.  Since that time I haven't heard any statistics one way or the other (maybe that is...
As someone else living in Europe I wish more apps took advantage of Passbook, but I don't blame Apple for companies not doing so. 
  I thought those 10 suicides in 2009 and 2010 were because Foxconn had comparatively amazing death benefits and employees felt their families were better off financially if they died than if they lived and worked.  That seems a lot different than killing yourself to draw attention to working conditions and wages.
  I have never seen a documented accusation that Apple every implied or stated there's no warranty coverage at all in the second year without purchasing AppleCare.  In Italy it was an issue of not specifically stating that there is very limited coverage.  That is totally different than implying anything.   The main problem is that the EU law is so vague and convoluted that to provide customers with the actual language of the law would make them more confused than if you...
  This is exactly the problem.  Only a couple EU countries require a full 2-year manufacturers warranty.  I know the Czech Republic and Hungary require this.     In all the other countries this EU wide warranty law is in effect but it is unclear and toothless.  Basically it doesn't really offer consumers real protection.  So, Apple is trying to help consumers by offering them a real warranty for the second year if people want to purchase it.  I've been up to the Apple...
  On the contrary, his quote makes it sound like he doesn't believe Apple would do something like that because "Apple seems to be generally one of those businesses that is quite responsible to the problems."  His first quote doesn't mean he believes the story being told.   He's simply saying that if any company was hiding details of a 24-month warranty it would be "rather surprising and disingenuous."
I wouldn't call The Daily a magazine. Being a daily newspaper put it in a much different business model than a weekly/monthly magazine. Not to mention being smartphone/tablet only rather than complimenting a print magazine made it much harder to sustain.
Sounds like you've done your homework. I guess we know who to point the police to the next time there's a big hit on Apple Store.
In what way are the headlines at AI and Macrumors materially different. Samsung's lawyers are paying this judge with Samsung's money. Is anything really changed in this ethically bankrupt situation by which company's name appears on the check?
Can anyone in the UK explain how this can possibly not be a conflict of interest for this ex-judge? Are there really no rules against future employment by parties that have come before your court?
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