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Can you give any source to remotely quantify these "vast amounts of money" or how that money tangibly benefits Apple?
 Amazon was selling many best sellers at a loss, that's what was bothering publishers so much and preventing new entrants into the market.  People won't give your store a second look if they can only find Moby Dick and Tale of Two Cities cheaper than at Amazon.  I never claimed that the average best seller price went down, just the average of all ebooks and it's a documented fact.
Please try to learn something about the legal system before asking silly accusative (against Apple) questions like that.  Only the Justice Department could sue for predatory pricing. 
It wasn't something the publishers could sue over.  It was something the Justice Department should have sued over and didn't.  Instead of taking on the illegal monopolist the brilliant Mr. Holder sued the company trying to break the monopoly in a way that will soon be judged legal by the appeals court.  
Not only does the point not make sense in the context of my post I don't know that it's even true.  How do you know more people listen to music than read books?  Also, Sony had e-readers (2004) and e-ink readers (2006) long before Kindle (2007) and other companies did as well.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-book
 Your statement ignores the fact that when iTunes came out it saved the music industry from rampant piracy that was growing by leaps and bounds while music sales tanked.  Piracy still exists but huge amounts of pirates were converted to become digital customers.  There was no comparable situation with eBooks and Amazon.  Amazon didn't save the publishers from anything.
The average e-book price went down if you follow the facts.  Amazon was/is trying to commoditize books which causes brilliant authors to look to other fields to make decent money.  If you want to read garbage then Amazon's method is the way to get there since soon that's all that would be available....
Is it though?  Shouldn't the company have to do a write-down just like Blackberry or Microsoft did with their unsold hardware in recent years? Surely Google still had Motorola being of significant value on their books.  Selling it for 2.91 billion must certainly be far less than it's book value.  Therefore a huge write-off would be required next quarter, no?  Unless they're going to claim the difference as the real value of the patents that they're keeping which would be...
I wasn't commenting on whether 4 inches is big enough.  All I know is you said they never came out with a bigger phone (and repeated the same thing twice) which is just untrue.  Do you care about the truth?
 The iPhone 5 was bigger than any iPhone before it, maybe not as big as you want, but you are just lying if you say they haven't released a bigger phone.
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