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We all know you don't actually do research because it would always prove you to be the liar.http://www.bloomenergy.com/fuel-cell/energy-server/ Check out point 3...
You may be well intentioned, but I believe it doesn't matter who you elect. Congress with majority democrats passed bank reform legislation in 2009 to protect against all the evil things banks were doing to steal money from poor people. Now banks just find different ways to nickel and dime people, mostly the same poor people that the legislation was supposed to help. (eg. no more free checking accounts, but if you carry a high enough balance you still get free...
The stock got up to $634.34 in after hours trading. The article correctly states that the close price was $633.68.
AdyB was right it is a 583% return.
Some have mentioned this already, but maybe not as clearly, and the article also isn't clear. This is not cash being paid out by Austin to Apple. Apple is not receiving any money from the city (not sure about the other deals mentioned about the county and state). This deal is a reduction in future taxes that Apple would normally have to pay. If Austin didn't want to do it they would have the same amount of money in the near term, but less jobs. However by giving the...
Exactly. This is EU-wide policy. It's why 11 other EU countries have made formal complaints to Apple within the last week about the same issue of advertising AppleCare as including a 2nd year of warranty when Apple already must provide it with purchase.
If as a US citizen you spent all of 2011 living and working in a foreign country (doesn't matter which foreign country it is) the first $95,100 of your salary is exempt from US income tax. You will pay local income taxes in the country where you reside and work as you should. Is that a good enough tax break for you? At least try to be informed, do a Google search for US foreign earned income tax exemption. - http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/...=97130,00.html
Also interesting that it's such a nebulous phrase. No one will ever say what the "fair share" really is or explain why that amount is fair. I don't fit any criteria for a definition above middle class, but I think the anti-wealthy & anti-business rhetoric in the US these days is such shallow nonsense.
No, Bruce, that's not how it works for Toyota or basically all other countries' multinational companies. For nearly all the rest of the world profits are taxed in the country they are earned and that's all. The US on the other hand wants to take money from already taxed profits earned in other countries. Even European governments with huge social systems that require crazy amounts of tax dollars to prop up don't try to steal money their nation's companies on the profits...
Why would they put out the press release before the conference call? What is the advantage in stealing Cook and Openheimer's thunder? I'm happy with the regular dividend. Interesting that the buyback is merely going to neutralize the internal stock options and grants.
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