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Why is that person loco? The retail price for a new one was $829 on Tuesday. You can't buy this model any longer from Apple. Buying at a nearly $300 discount seems perfectly reasonable. There's an eBay auction for the same model and a couple cases that already has 20 bids currently sitting at $600. I just wonder how he got his off eBay so cheap before the new iPad was released.
Interesting that you were able to work it that way. My experience was always the opposite. Find it cheap locally and then flip it for more on eBay.
It's always fun to scout Craigslist for the overly low priced items and flip them for their actual market value. Basically what Steve Jobs did in the 70's with early computer parts to make money according to the Isaacson biography.
We also had a 16gb iPad 1 and iPad 2. We're definitely going with the 32gb this time around. Now that our daughter is wanting to watch all of her Dora and Blue's Clues episodes on the iPad and with the amount of apps we have to load on it the 16gb size just isn't sufficient. What I wonder is how quickly delivery times will slip and how far out they will go. I want delivery as late in April as possible since my in-laws are flying over at the beginning of May. No...
It would be helpful if you actually said what model of phone you had so we could compare your statement to actual facts. I think it would be interesting to know what Samsung phone had a "retina class" display in Oct. 2010 or before as you claim (a year before iOS had a message center).
According to Foss Patents on Friday only one of two claims against Samsung for Slide to Lock was thrown out. There's still another yet to be ruled on.
You don't think Apple can ever cross $750B or just not this year? If they keep growing only at 20% for a few more years $1 trillion valuation seems easily attainable and sustainable.
It's interesting that Apple's iPhone stock app has the same close price for Apple at $535.41 but shows the market cap being $499.2 billion. Percentage-wise it's not a huge difference, but one of the market cap figures is off by $1.01 billion and that's not nothing. Wish I'd forgotten that it's smart to diversify when I bought more Apple, Exxon and Yahoo in early 2009 and put it all in Apple at $91 instead. 😥
Proview could have written the contract to say that the buyer wasn't allowed to use the trademark to compete against them. But, they didn't write the contract that way. If that had been their concern they should have had better lawyers/contract writers before the sale rather than now.
His opinion is clearly that since Apple didn't go to Proview and say we want to buy your iPad trademarks that they were therefore dishonest. It's total nonsense, but that's what he means.
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