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Where are the blowharders who insisted that Tim Cook would be jailed and the company be held in contempt over the first posting? Doesn't look like that happened huh?
  I think most analysts are untrustworthy, but his logic and explanation in this case seems sound, no?
  Of course not, because in that case the judge really was being so unreasonable that Samsung couldn't rationally abide by her decision... /s
  So when there is no contempt of court finding will you and all the others of your ilk posting on this thread come and admit that you were wrong?  You're welcome to post a link to a page where it says "the UK court did not find Apple in contempt but Fandroids throughout the world think Tim Cook and his lawyers deserve to rot in jail for their childishness."
I'm pretty sure Jelly Bean was under 2% as of last check, probably over that by now. Ice Cream Sandwich was under 15% and it's been out since June. On top of that Google is supposed to be announcing 4.2 (Key Lime Pie?) in a couple days. Pathetic adoption rates and crazy fragmentation. Who doesn't want to get in on that business???
Glad I didn't wait for Andy's report. Got 110 shares on margin yesterday at $627, missed the bottom by $2. Holding till January's quarterly report will be about $1200 in margin interest but hopefully about 15k in return. Don't wait, get in before the opportunity is lost.
 And you totally ignore the opportunity to explain why 20% of your "evidence" is remotely relevant. why?So, your other links - the first is a 5,200 word article that only seems to show Groklaw (who seem to hate Mueller as much as Groklaw claims he hates Google) disagrees with a couple of his points on a scoring of the judge's response to claims construction in a Motorola v. Microsoft case. What subset of this spew proves any relevant points?The second link only points...
Why would you post a link to 136 page PDF as evidence of something and not make any reference to which part is relevant? Are you surprised that the rational people on here occasionally fall into ad-hom attacks?Why should the moderators do anything to Eric when they still let you post...
 The article I read about the court filings didn't link the actual filings for me to read (I believe it was PCMag or ComputerWorld) and it was also before they made their subsequent filing listing people who had received money. So my comments may have been ill-informed but they were not disingenuous.It's kind of funny for you to throw around claims of being disingenuous and then call Mueller a discredited blogger without any evidence or justification. Does being a...
 Alderud hasn't deigned to provide his own references for his claims, but what your link only shows that he's paid by Google's competitor (which has been public info since at least April) not that he is either a Google hater or a fraud.
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