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  Why is push-push a horrible idea?  The tray is not a huge problem, but having to hunt for a paper clip the few times I've needed to swap SIMs between iPhones with my wife is irritating. 
  Wouldn't 6% mean an increase of 30 Billion in market cap today? An increase of basically the entire market cap of Yahoo and Nokia combined...
The article says that DigiTimes has a hit or miss record on rumors.  Can anyone name more than a single rumor (or even just one) that originated with Digitimes and turned out to be true?
  The article says that the $4 Billion is for building out the LTE network, not for refarming the 1900 mhz spectrum for HSPA+.  So the money is for their Long Term Evolution, not as a "seemingly short-term measure."
  Most Europeans not living in countries that recklessly overspent their income for the last decade and more don't pin the blame on companies not paying enough taxes or wealthy small countries luring business away.  The Czechs are getting tired of austerity measures in their own country, but they are fully convinced that Greece's problems are solely of Greece's making (and the same for Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc.).  I don't know if you're European or living in Europe,...
So Galbi, AI is Fanboy News in real life because of what you think they wouldn't report on in a hypothetical alternate universe where Apple and Motorola's roles were switched? Just want to make sure I'm understanding you clearly.
      You didn't answer my question in your response, or even mention tablets for that matter.  Phones are subsidized in China as in many other markets.  Tablets are subsidized almost anywhere, so the Chinese tablet market will likely continue to look like that of the rest of the world where Apple has a very dominant position.  Who is to say that that sales will have slowed at all, especially for the iPad which is the subject of the article and my post?  With the release...
    You can still buy an iPad 2 all over China or a new iPad through the grey market.  Which Android tablet do you really think they will choose over that?
    The article says that the government isn't allowed to invest the money (even in an interest bearing account) due to local laws.  Therefore they won't make any % on it and will only lose money in the end, which is the point of the article...
    What on earth makes this fanboy "news?"  If Apple loses in the end and Motorola is due money from the German government it will be Apple's fault because they were the infringing party.  In what possible world is reporting that Apple fanboyism?
New Posts  All Forums: