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That's interesting. I thought that China was now the second largest market for Apple and growing rapidly. The data must be incorrect since it contradicts your narrative.
I believe Hungary also has the same 2 year flat coverage.  So far the Dresden, Germany store is the easternmost European Apple Store.  Fortunately Dresden is barely more than 90 minutes away by car from Prague, and would be less if they'd ever finish the highway segment that they've been working on for years and years.
  Apparently it's not as open and shut as you make it out to be, or as I thought it was after the Italian verdict.  I was at the Apple Store in Dresden, Germany and chatted with a couple of the Genius Bar employees while they were trying to replace my defective factory unlocked iPhone 4s originally purchased in America (for anyone whose in that same situation they can't, must be replaced in North America...nonsense).  They said that the way the EU law reads and the German...
All extended warranties are meant to be huge profit makers for the companies that sell them.  That's why many companies like Best Buy and others push their employees to sell the warranties to customers.  It's insurance, you don't expect insurance companies to be non-profit do you?
  Please illuminate us as to why this is absurd.  It is a unique idea, even if it isn't their unique idea someone deserves to patent it.
In the current climate I don't know how you can.  If the society can't agree whether truth is relative or not how can you say what is right or wrong?  When elected officials are consistently getting away with obvious corruption why should a teenager feel guilty about downloading a few movies?  In my opinion piracy won't diminish until either A) Laws are put into place with real teeth (they've tried and there's been huge backlash across Europe in the last year) or B)...
  This is why movies, songs and software are pirated by nearly all young people throughout Europe.  "I wouldn't pay for it, so they're not losing money if I take it."  Most people that I know under 35 years old go to the movies maybe twice a year, everything else is pirated.  So far there are no consequences, so what argument is there against it?  When you talk about morality you get laughed at.
Probably so, but too late because AI was actually late to this party.Who really wants to pass their user name and password to Russia? Please people, you're only asking for trouble if you use this hack.
From a law firms webpage TRESPASSER INJURIES: Would I be legally responsible if a trespasser were injured (premise liability) on my San Diego county property? I am talking about a slip or trip and fall injury, or any injury for that matter? A: It depends.  Under California law, your generally are not liable for any injury to a trespasser on your property. Suppose, however, that you know certain people continually trespass on your property, perhaps using it as a shortcut;...
Then Apple would get sued and have huge liability lawsuits.  Is that really what you want?  Doesn't matter if they were there illegally, Apple could still easily be found liable in court.
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