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I guess it was Saturday then, but I saw it in my Google News feed and thought it was on Friday. I am in Prague and occasionally glance over Google News in Czech, but mostly I have it set to the USA.
Wouldn't it help to know that I do plenty of work for my employer on the weekend before saying something silly like that? Besides, AI posted 3 articles on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday, so the argument doesn't hold much water.  Thanks for playing though.
There's nothing like getting Friday's news on Monday morning...
The DOJ was asked this question during the trial and they said it was highly unlikely that Apple would be reimbursed for the costs paid to the monitor in the event of a reversal on appeal. I don't think tax payers really deserve to be on the hook for this, but there should be some combination of Bromwich returning a portion of the exorbitant fees and Judge Cote (who assigned the monitor), Eric Holder and others at the DOJ who should be billed out-of-pocket for this...
Is this the same appeals court that is ruling on Apple's appeal of the actual verdict?  If so what on earth is taking them so long.  If they rule in favor of Apple on the appeal then any issue related to Bromwich is moot.  Does this indicate a negative ruling on the appeal is forthcoming?  Sure hope not.
Should your car be allowed to have a clock since looking at that would distract you from looking at the road?
Sounds like you need to disconnect your car radio and elect some better law makers.  Have fun with that.
You're still ignoring the other distractions that may even be more distracting to drivers.  Why single out texting or phone use in general?  What about the car radio, conversations with passengers, or billboards.  You could certainly legislate billboards out of existence if there was support for such an idea.  There have been billboards that caused traffic jams (and probably accidents) because they were so distracting.  There's a building on the north side of Chicago,...
Have you polled them to see how many are waiting for delivery because they didn't get their order in before 3:01:30am on April 10th?  By mid-June when deliveries start to catch up with pre-orders you might notice a much larger percent of those people sporting the Apple Watch. My order finally went through at 3:19am for a 42mm black sport model and delivery is expected between May 29 and June 11th...
People justifiably lose their jobs every day for being very bad at what they are being paid to do. He's gotten a break every day since 2011 when he started proclaiming the Apple TV Set is coming! People are making investment decisions that can significantly impact their future based on the advice of professional analysts. Why shouldn't there be consequences for being long term totally wrong on a prediction like this?
New Posts  All Forums: