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So is he firing himself for the colossal failure? Shouldn't there be some kind of negative consequences for being this wrong this long?
The photo is related to the last paragraph of the article.
300k in shares should net you $412 a month pre-tax at today's price range. Not enough to live off of, but your investment should appreciate and the dividends are increasing much faster than inflation.
The vast majority of the "cash on hand" is held overseas and can't be paid as dividends or buybacks without repatriating it and paying the 35% US tax.  That seems to be the main reason why they issue bonds.
Does anyone know what Apple's total outstanding debt currently is?  When talking about Apples total cash stockpile does the debt amount get reduced from that before the number is reported?
Can you please link the article for us that shows a judgement against Apple ordering them to pay back taxes in Ireland? The leaders of Ireland insist that Apple owes them nothing. Once you do that you can start to talk...
Does anyone know if there is a timeframe for the appeals court to rule on the case? It seems like it's been months since that hearing. If they would just rule in Apple's favor this whole thing could disappear tomorrow, though it's unlikely that they could recoup any of the money already paid to Bromwich.
 http://time.com/2966515/landline-phones-cell-phones/  That's from a year ago, so odds are the percentage of homes without a landline is a few points higher than 41%.  With ~300 million Americans that works out to approx. 120 million without home access to a landline going on last years numbers.  In what way was my previous post "sensationalizing" anything?  On the contrary I believe I understated the matter.   I haven't forgotten about pagers or phones with cords, but...
With a huge swath of the country no longer having landlines it seems a little out of touch to say "the iPhone doesn't feel like a phone." I would argue that there are millions of people who think the iPhone is the only thing that feels like a phone. Since that should be understandable to most anyone it seems pretty clear that in 5-8 years for many millions of people the Apple Watch will be the baseline for what a watch feels like.I know that wasn't the example you meant...
 Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  It just wasn't clear what your opinion was in your previous comment.  Thanks for the clarification.
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