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The question you still have refused to answer is "Do you think all Christians are bigots?" It seemed as though you were imply that with your original post and it seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to ask clarification on. I'm trying not to read anything into your avoidance of the reasonable, but you're making it really difficult.
I'll be kind and answer your question, Yes. Now would you care to answer any of the valid questions that I asked of you but you simply ignored in your response? Thanks!
Are you saying every Christian is a bigot or does the hypothetical atheist baker take the time to get to know the customer and quiz them on their views before coming to that conclusion? Since there are many bakers in any city or certainly in any county in the 50 states of the USA, I would imagine that most Christians (or anyone in general) would prefer not to have their cake made by someone who had no desire to make it for them.  Have you heard the phrase "I'm going to...
If he's as important as you say (and I've already said the same in my other posts) why doesn't he speak against actual violence/abuse/murder of homosexuals around the world instead of (or even in addition to) slamming legislation that some believe could potentially be used to descriminate against homosexuals (though homosexuality is not mentioned anywhere in the law).
Maybe the folks of Indiana should be more like the Chinese in that regard... 50,000 is slightly smaller than the 2+ million building iPhones or iPhone components, plus the actual Apple Store employees or the upcoming Apple research center employees.
I said no such thing. However I did give reasons why someone could believe that he might. Your comparison with Samsung is a total straw man argument. How many Americans does Samsung employ? What % of the USA's GDP does there business make up? Has their CEO met with our President? Is their CEO a globally known individual?
Those were really strong counter points. Thanks for the constructive discussion.
So now you've changed from a citizenship argument to political influence argument. Why didn't you just start with that? And who says he has no political influence in China? He's had meetings with the Chinese Premier and other high ranking officials. His company's contracts result in the employment of millions of Chinese people. He's an individual known worldwide. I'd say he would have an audience no matter what country he was speaking out in.
Since when is Tim Cook a citizen of Indiana? This isn't fed law, or California law or Alabama law. The argument re:China & Saudi Arabia seems like a reasonable one to me.I'm not saying he should pull out of business in those countries, but why not write editorials in significant papers in those countries as well? It seems like he chose the venue for "taking a stand" in a place with little or no risk, which seems kind of sad. Aren't the best stands taken when we...
And just what is fair? Who gets to decide what "fair" is? My opinion, being a 34-year-old from a middle class family with a middle class income, is that everyone should pay the same percent of income in taxes. Many Americans, including the president, think that "fair" means the rich should pay a much higher percentage than others. However these same people who scream "fair share" on TV never explain what it really means or why fair and equal aren't the same when it...
New Posts  All Forums: