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No-growth Microsoft has a PE ratio today of 14.68. Apple's is at 13.11 today. So, AAPL price is already presuming worse future results than Microsoft...
None of the images in your linked article look remotely like an Xbox controller. Did you link the wrong thing?
Well Mueller's only posting about 1/3 as much material lately as he was two months ago and earlier because he's so busy writing an Android app that may be released on iOS as some point in the future.  I think he said once that it was a game, but I'm not sure.  He's always very vague when he mentions it at the end of blog posts.
 With the iPhone 5 (2012) and the iPhone 5s (2013) Apple made the announcement in early/mid-September and released about 10 days later.  The only iPhone ever released in October was the 4S.
Who besides you used the word anti-Semite?
Can you give any source to remotely quantify these "vast amounts of money" or how that money tangibly benefits Apple?
 Amazon was selling many best sellers at a loss, that's what was bothering publishers so much and preventing new entrants into the market.  People won't give your store a second look if they can only find Moby Dick and Tale of Two Cities cheaper than at Amazon.  I never claimed that the average best seller price went down, just the average of all ebooks and it's a documented fact.
Please try to learn something about the legal system before asking silly accusative (against Apple) questions like that.  Only the Justice Department could sue for predatory pricing. 
It wasn't something the publishers could sue over.  It was something the Justice Department should have sued over and didn't.  Instead of taking on the illegal monopolist the brilliant Mr. Holder sued the company trying to break the monopoly in a way that will soon be judged legal by the appeals court.  
Not only does the point not make sense in the context of my post I don't know that it's even true.  How do you know more people listen to music than read books?  Also, Sony had e-readers (2004) and e-ink readers (2006) long before Kindle (2007) and other companies did as well.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E-book
New Posts  All Forums: