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So now who's the liar...  "Toward the end of the hearing, Mark Ryan, a lawyer with the Justice Department, asked if she would be able to share any of her thoughts on the case so far.  Cote then gave what she called her "tentative view," which she said was based largely on material submitted as evidence - emails and correspondence that took place over a six-week period between December 2009 and January...
16gb 5c is $549 off contract which is the "real" price.
What happened at last year's Qualcomm keynote?
Why'd it take AI so long to get an article up on this?  There were real news sources posting video and articles 14 hours ago.  I thought AI must be listening to comments from people on other Sammy focused articles about how this has nothing to do with Apple and shouldn't be on the site (not that I agree with that sentiment).
 Genuinely interested if you remember the source.  I'd like to read about that.  Also, what does break even mean in this context?  Cost of raw materials to make the app/comparable salary if staying at day job/something else??
 Has any other handset maker started using 32gb as a baseline for their premium smartphones and tablets?  Plenty of mid/mid-high phones still start at 8gb and the mid-range 5c gives you 16gb as a minimum.
It's amazing how much people complained about free stuff this year.  You aren't owed anything!  If you don't like the free stuff, don't download it.  The Sesame Street Season 43 episode that was given away a couple days ago got its rating hammered (like 4x more 1 stars than any other rating) because people were mad that they didn't get something better for free.   Now parents who are actually looking for good entertainment for their children may worry about the quality of...
So they have to turn in their law licenses when they're in Congress?  I'm pretty sure it's still totally legitimate to say they are lawyers.  They might be non-practicing, but that doesn't make them "used to be" lawyers. I know I've heard politicians who are also MDs still being called doctors while they were in office.  
 Can anyone with a legal background explain why on earth Judge Cote would be hearing or ruling on Apple's appeal of her judgements?  It seems like black (not racial) comedy to have to appeal unjust decisions to the unjust entity that made those very decisions.  Why wouldn't this appeal automatically go to an appeals court or circuit court?  Presuming that Judge Cote will reject Apple's appeal then it should go to a higher court, but this just delays justice even longer.
New Posts  All Forums: