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 Seriously? China has a population of 13.5 billion people?  And here I was thinking we hadn't quite reached 7 billion on earth.
In the Czech Republic all carriers started a price war over the summer and now they have unlimited talk, text and 1-1.5gb of data for between $30-35. Also when you hit your data limit you get throttled down to 2g speeds, not charged more. It's a pretty sweet deal.
$649 and $549 are the standard pricing, not discounted at all. Did you mean to say that they will be $599 and $499 respectively?
Please just go back to bashing Apple in the comments of non-tech related articles on CNN.com like you were doing yesterday and leave us alone here.  
For the vast majority of those buying Android the answer is and has been only price, either very cheap off contract or free on contract.
This is America vs. America, those people's response would be that she's not favoring anyone.It was when there was Samsung (South Korea) vs Apple (America) that people were claiming she was favoring her ethnicity over her nationality.Whether they were correct or not this is a totally different situation. Surely even you can see that...
Your example is not remotely comparable. It is totally unreasonable to say that a pervert who is physically close to you and is trying (generally) to see you naked body for their sexual gratification is the same as an advertiser who might be tracking your shopping/viewing/location habits on your phone (but never actually seeing you). These separate things are nothing alike. I'm not saying tracking phone usage data is ok, but it's nothing like having a deviant perched...
Please define "innovation."  Please explain who has this if Apple doesn't.   The stock should go up because they are already incredibly profitable, their revenue is increasing and many people think their profits will as well.  Their P/E ratio is tiny compared to Google or Amazon (and much lower than the average on the S&P 500) who I certainly can't see as more innovative (and verifiably much less profitable) than Apple. Do you need more reasons?
 Um, he's post #8 above and still complaining that AAPL isn't higher and still blaming it on Cook.  I'm still net negative a bit on my whole AAPL position after making some (in hindsight) amazingly stupid margin buys last October at 627 and 613, but I certainly don't blame my loses on Tim Cook.  Once the China Mobile deal is official I think I'll finally be net positive again, finally.  Note to any non-professional investors here - buying on margin is a really bad game to...
Please use said dictionary to look up condescending. Nothing in my post matches that definition. I'm merely asking why a US based site would choose to use a word that is unique to a different country when it isn't needed. A British English dictionary shouldn't be required to read the post.
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