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So an alleged problem has allegedly been solved?  Lets see how many more pitfalls we can drop the iPhone 6 in and pull it out the next day all without any real evidence of a problem or solution.  What a fun game we can all play!   As long as the phone releases in September as expected we'll never know if there even was a problem with the battery in the first place (or any of the other alleged issues).  
But the price target increases are being done by Wall Street.  So Wall Street discounts Wall Street?
Why is it that when Netflix or Amazon get a single price target bump you see their stock price go up 4% the next day and yet Apple has gotten numerous bumps (from the Wall Street analysts we love to hate) over the last 6 weeks and it hasn't budged the price at all?  Does anyone have a rational explanation for that?
I got an email today from Alza announcing the Apple Shop opening.  All day Friday they are giving 15% off Mac computers, iPads and iPhones.  That will still be more expensive than in the US, but a good deal if you're local.  The first 100 visitors starting at 8am Friday get a green (presumably Apple logo) t-shirt and if you purchase particular Apple products (not specified) you'll get a 1000kc ($50) voucher for purchasing Apple accessories from their website.   The info...
The Czech Republic is a part of NATO and we've also got Slovakia and Poland as additional buffers beyond Ukraine. If Russia gets this far WWIII will have already started.
It's kind of strange because I've always gotten the impression that Alza didn't really care for Apple much. When you go in their Holesovice showroom (where the store-within-a-store will be) you immediately run into a huge display of tablet computers and the iPads have always been on the far back side of that display. Also their dedicate Apple section is much further in the rear than many other branded areas. I'm interested to see what actually changes from the current...
The last sentence should read "In May Apple promised to fix the issue." As written it could easily be misunderstood to mean that Apple promised to have the fix out in May (and therefore a broken promise in mid-June) which isn't the case at all.
Well at least they're trying. Check comment 14 for what they originally had. It is pretty hilarious that even when making corrections they still screw it up. However they're still raking in the money from page views regardless, so I guess the joke is really on us.
My wife nearly fell over when I (knowing it wasn't real) showed her our account this morning which is up nearly 500k over yesterday morning.  It's nice to dream though...
It comes from a misunderstanding of the SEC filing. The filing says that prior to Friday Apple could have potentially issued up to 1.8 billion shares and that now they could issue up to 12.6 billion. It has nothing to do with actual shares outstanding. So if Apple really wanted I guess they could grant another 6 billion stock options to their employees, but that's pretty unlikely. If current investors had their value cut in half by that much dilution there would be an...
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