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I'm pretty sure we could round up a few volunteers if no one has yet... :)
 And when did Apple Pay go live?  The fact that it's only in 3 percent of all business (which includes all cash only businesses) at launch isn't a big deal like you and a small minority of journalists are making it out to be.  If there's still only a 3% penetration next year this time you've got an argument, but for now it's a non-story.  What percentages of businesses accepted credit cards the day the first Visa card was available?   Diner's Club was apparently the first...
Did you happen to read the comments in that article? Only the uneducated BI author (who is unable to do basic math with single digit and two digit numbers) feels this way.
It's really sad that you seem to be so angry about so many things.
These people are likely getting paid more than their normal salary for the next 16 days until the phone goes on sale.  On top of that they get to be "popular" for the next two weeks with thousands of tourists taking their pictures and as the time gets closer they'll be interviewed by newspapers, magazines and TV stations.  I can't imagine waiting in line that long, but for the super lazy it seems like an ideal job.
What do you mean by this?  He's saying having access to Android at his company would be worthless in his case because it's so locked down it would be basically useless and Apple isn't available.  How many companies do you expect any one person to be able to give first hand experience on?  
Linky linky? I hadn't heard about the date. Either way it's still silly that they operate this way. It's not like Apple changed their iPhone release schedule just to try and steal the Galaxy's thunder...
It would make sense for them to mention it's video recording specs or special recording abilities but I think anyone who reads the article would deduce the main purpose of a drone following someone is to record video (or shoot missiles at them).  I can't think of any alternate reason other than someone's desire to have an arial pet which follows them around and I'm pretty sure the market for such a limited device would be decidedly small.
It's the App store, no tangible products sold or given away there.  Thus, even if the sentences grammatically (I'm not sure ) indicates that the whole computer rather that simply the software is free it should be quite clear from the context.
The last graphic seems to give Google Now the edge in most cases, but with the caveat that the data only reflects situations where the question was heard correctly. Now if you look at the July 2014 data about correct comprehension in an uncontrolled environment for both services (the only thing most of us experience....) the comprehension rate of Siri is significantly higher. Google Now misunderstands the question 71% more often than Siri. How is that not considered...
New Posts  All Forums: