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How is no one pointing out the multiple glaring factual errors in this article that's been up for nearly 5 hours?Yesterday before the closing bell there were only 861.38 million shares outstanding. Post split there are now 6.029 billion shares outstanding. The SEC filing clearly states that Apple has a right to issue up to 12.6 billion shares, up from 1.8 billion, not that there are this many shares issued that this time.If there were 12.6 billion shares today (or 1.8...
Except he's mad because he lost everything he owned and then some from his leveraged long position in the fall/winter 2012-2013. The stock price going up isn't helping him because I'm sure he got margin calls and his position was sold off to pay the debt, but leaving a lot of leveraged debt remaining. I was dumb enough to try it too and have lost thousands in interest and selling some below purchase price to reduce the principle owed. Tomorrow I imagine it will pass the...
Well since we're just being silly now I found two different cables at Apple.com that are only 14.95 and ship for free.  I'm not aware of any products sold by or fulfilled by Amazon that have free shipping when the order total is under $35.  I could easily be wrong since they sell millions of items, but would you link one (or just say the product name if a link won't post to AI) just so I can be aware?  
And Amazon makes you purchase $35 worth of product to get free Super Saver shipping (which can be quite slow, and doesn't mesh with Apple's customer service goals).  How does your logic explain why Apple should give free shipping for a $10 cable year round?
The judge just capped the FRAND fee at the equivalent of $95,000. That was just decided this week. Samsung had been asking for payment that was not FRAND at all. So now Apple will gladly pay the reasonable rate set by the court. Did you even read the article?
 1. Nothing that you posted invalidates my statement that you were replying to in any way.  Everything is simply purported, guessed, suspected.  2.  Focus Taiwan??  Seriously? And of course in their "article" they don't given any evidence of this "Apple data."
Shouldn't the last sentence read, "It's unknown IF ANY of Foxconn's Apple-related production is accomplished in Vietnam." As written it's deceptively implying that at least some production for Apple is affected by this factory closure which isn't publicly known at all.
I'd like them to do a through job anyway. If they rush too quickly they might make mistakes that cause a retrial or reversal on appeal. I really don't doubt that they'll find mostly for Apple, but I have no idea how much money they'll give.
So, if Apple sold it's debt in the "eurozone" could it bring those funds back to the US for share buybacks and dividends (since it isn't foreign profits) but then pay back the debts with funds already held in the "eurozone?" If that was legal it seems like a pretty easy way to get around repatriation tax requirements. I'm guessing that must not be kosher, but I don't understand why not.
No-growth Microsoft has a PE ratio today of 14.68. Apple's is at 13.11 today. So, AAPL price is already presuming worse future results than Microsoft...
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