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And what city would that be?
You're cYou're conveniently forgetting all the quarterly losses from Motorola operations over the past year plus. In total I believe that's another 2 billion in cost to Google.
Except for the fact that iTunes uses the agency model that Apple also wanted to use with iBooks. Apple just gets their 30% cut. As you know Amazon was using a wholesale model and predatory pricing to have a monopoly of thee-book market. So..apples and oranges...
  Why do you hate Stocks?  I think it has a much cleaner interface than Bloomberg and it's a quick way to see what's going on financially.   If it's just an app you never use then hate seems like a strong word.  I never use the Newstand app and I wish I could delete it, but certainly couldn't say that I hate it.  I've managed to hide it in a random folder somewhere so that I don't even run across it anymore.  Out of sight out of mind.
  It might be interesting if someone went to the trouble to see what kind of computer you could actually put together with only USA manufactured parts and how much it would cost.  Not sure that's a machine anyone would want to buy...
Well it's more accurate than Google's new numbers. They recently started only using data from devices that access the Google Play. They're trying to report lower Froyo and Gingerbread install bases...and it seems to be working. No one called them on it last month or this month really.
Um you could easily open the PowerPoint file in Keynote...
  I wouldn't trust this number for Amazon or for Apple.  It appears that all they did was divide Amazon's 2012 total revenue of $61 billion by the 200 million accounts to come up with $305 revenue per account.  This presumes that ever dollar of revenue was generated only by these accounts which isn't the case.  Amazon has quite a significant business as a cloud computing solution and who knows what other revenue sources that also wouldn't come from these user accounts....
  A two business day delay in coming out with their decision means Apple is likely to be found to have infringed?  I don't get that.  And you know this how?   It's like your inside the rooms where they're deliberating with all this inside knowledge you seem to have about the decisions and ramifications of those decisions that they're dealing with.  Why don't you just hook us up with the recordings or video.  No reason to hold out on us now is there?
How is it like that even remotely? The American sacrifices over the last hundred years for France are as I said "innumerably" greater than the French contribution in the American Revolutionary War. How is that like taking your mother to McDonalds?
New Posts  All Forums: