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How is it not obvious? 
This will be quite welcome. I'd much rather be able to delete (or at least hide) some default apps like Newsstand, Stocks, Weather, Voice Memos, Podcasts, Apple Watch and Tips, than keep them locked up in a folder. But eh, it's hardly urgent.
I think this makes sense. Apple hasn't released a new model in 3 years, and unlike Amazon, Google and Roku hasn't been giving it any advertising space. And at present ATV is weaker in comparison to what else is on the market, particularly in terms of a lack of app store and well...anything. I suppose a lot of people don't even know Apple has its own TV box.   This could all change in September, tho. And I hope we see something great.
EZY 7373?
A lot of people are confusing the 'socialism' that exists within Nordic countries, which includes universal healthcare, higher taxes and a sustainable, green economy, with the economic system in Greece.   Greece is not an example of what happens when social democracy is implemented – its an example of what happens when more than 80% of the country avoids paying tax. So perhaps it's time members here stopped trying to act as though socialist policies have been the root of...
I must admit...as someone subscribed to both iTunes Match and Apple Music, I find the situation a tad confusing. This article clears it up but...what about normal users who don't visit Apple sites?    There needs to be some kind of merger here, or at least 'Apple Music with Match' is or something...
On a note on featured content...I strongly recommend watching 'Pride'. It's great.   It's also great to see Apple doing this :)
I'm not particularly sure why not. If they can integrate it with the trackpad, then surely, like Force Touch, Touch ID can be advertised as a 'premium' feature for Macs. It just seems like a logical step (if technologically viable, that is).
Hopefully this means we'll see Touch ID integrated into MacBooks, too
Not only is your comment factually incorrect, but I think you'll find a lot of people in the UK disagree. You, in fact, a household (not each individual) only pays the licence fee if they own a television (or use a computer) for the purpose of live broadcasting. And once the homeowner hits 65, or if they're on income support, their fee is paid for by the government anyway.  As for the BBC itself, while nobody can really deny there are certain biases within the organisation...
New Posts  All Forums: