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Not only is your comment factually incorrect, but I think you'll find a lot of people in the UK disagree. You, in fact, a household (not each individual) only pays the licence fee if they own a television (or use a computer) for the purpose of live broadcasting. And once the homeowner hits 65, or if they're on income support, their fee is paid for by the government anyway.  As for the BBC itself, while nobody can really deny there are certain biases within the organisation...
"and was named honorary dame commander of the British Empire in April 2014."   Yet Jonathan Ive's page does not mention that he was awarded an actual Knight Commander of the British Empire...:/
 Sex is biological (male or female), gender is the way in which people identify their sex (masculine/feminine). In some cultures, particularly in Oceania, there are three genders. So no, they are not the same thing.
5th generation WiFi, not 5th generation cellular.
  Perhaps you should follow your own advice.
Have they added slide animations or builds?   I can't find them :(
Definitely. Here in the UK, I'd like to see data come straight from the Met Office, I know how to deal with them! :D
Now, if only they'd recognise him as being a Knight Commander of the British Empire...
As far as I'm aware, the Royal Family (and most likely the government in exile) were going to be shipped to Canada. Although, had he not been in the Caribbean, the Duke of Windsor may have become a Royal figurehead for Wales, Scotland the north of England (much like southern France). But I generally agree, it was the failure to conquer Britain that contributed significantly to Germany's inability to conquer Russia.   Perhaps it would not have been an immediate goal to...
  Of course it would have failed, if the Battle of Britain had gone the other way, however...   And sorry on my part, I meant that had Germany defeated Britain, they would have the ability to assert control over 25% of the world's population. 
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