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Shame it doesn't let you rate the podcasts you download :(
Who cares? It's probably just an argument with Nest :D
Bloody IRA.
Has the iPhone 3GS been updated (aside from going to 8GB SSD) since its release? No.   Has the MacBook Pro? Yes.
And the United Kingdom would be better off if a proportional amount of products were manufactured and assembled here instead of China. As would Germany, Russia, India, Ireland, France, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand... But why do something that is incredibly more expensive and less flexible?  You should have taken it to the Apple Store, they would have replaced it for you.
1333MHz DDR3...   Or 1600MHz DDR3L?
Twitter is going mad...  
'Eurozone' is one word that refers to country that have adopted the Euro (€). From the title, you are saying that these figures do not include the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway etc.
Cue "Steve Jobs would never announce anything at WWDC." (Only kidding)   Anyway, I'm feeling a sense of deja vu from last year.
MacBook: 11" and 13", virtually identical to the current MacBook Airs. MacBook Pro: 13", 15" and 17". Thinner and lighter than current design, with a less reflective screen. 13" would be heavier, but would be more powerful (hence 'Pro').   That's what I think'll happen.
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