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Maybe in your world, but I've met quite a few people who believed Apple's original '4G' marketing in the UK.   'Cool! The iPad works with the new 4G stuff!'   Most of these people aren't idiots, they just don't enjoy having to read the fine print.
And in the meantime, don't advertise that your product works on 4G networks in countries that either doesn't have a 4G network, or has a different 4G network to that used by the iPad.
At least it'll be efficient. 
The 5.1.7 update was so effective. It didn't stop m using Flash, yet I was a whole update behind. Latest: Mine was: Obviously it only works if you have the Flash System Preferences plugin
  I'd go back to 1996 and buy £10,000 worth of Apple stock... And go to future to work out when I should sell.
I'd also like to see an iTunes web app, and perhaps a Settings one where you can remotely control iOS and Mac settings.   Although, I would like to see better security on iCloud.com. Perhaps passcode locking each app?
Apple will never release a product called 'iTV'. Maybe Apple HDTV, or the iPanel, but not iTV.
Yeah, that probably won't happen.
I think they are referring to the LTE standards that will eventually be introduced, which will be identical to that used in continental Europe and Australia.
    Weird thing is... Every single one of those ideas are better than what currently exists in the US.
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