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In other news, the United Kingdom says it is not involved with the London 2012 Olympics.
    I think there are three things that could help it take off: 1) Allow boxed software. For example: Pages, Numbers, Keynote in one iWork package; or the Microsoft Office suite. 2) Allow demos! Either X days or Y hours of using the app. 3) Introduce mass-software purchasing for schools and businesses.  
Not every ship hits an iceberg, but it's best to be protected with a double hull in case you do.   Personally, I would recommend either Sophos or ClamXav. I use Sophos on my iMac, although it decided it didn't want to work on my MacBook Air.   But for a small enterprise, I would recommend Sophos.
I bet the taxpayers will be delighted to hear this great news.
Oh... Wow
Why don't they focus on deforestation in Brazil, instead of publishing a bunch of worthless numbers that no one actually pays attention to?
One does hope you're not paying for that piece of crap Pirate Bay gives you a great discount.
One does hope the Mac App Store soon includes the option to demo an app. This could be done in two ways, either a 'XX-day trial' (like normal demos), or they could use something like 'XX-hours of app use'.
So did I. It said both my MacBook Air and iMac had the virus, but ClamXav, Terminal, and this other piece of software all said I was clear. Madness.
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