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I think they are referring to the LTE standards that will eventually be introduced, which will be identical to that used in continental Europe and Australia.
    Weird thing is... Every single one of those ideas are better than what currently exists in the US.
In other news, the United Kingdom says it is not involved with the London 2012 Olympics.
    I think there are three things that could help it take off: 1) Allow boxed software. For example: Pages, Numbers, Keynote in one iWork package; or the Microsoft Office suite. 2) Allow demos! Either X days or Y hours of using the app. 3) Introduce mass-software purchasing for schools and businesses.  
Not every ship hits an iceberg, but it's best to be protected with a double hull in case you do.   Personally, I would recommend either Sophos or ClamXav. I use Sophos on my iMac, although it decided it didn't want to work on my MacBook Air.   But for a small enterprise, I would recommend Sophos.
I bet the taxpayers will be delighted to hear this great news.
Oh... Wow
Why don't they focus on deforestation in Brazil, instead of publishing a bunch of worthless numbers that no one actually pays attention to?
One does hope you're not paying for that piece of crap Pirate Bay gives you a great discount.
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