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I bet the taxpayers will be delighted to hear this great news.
Oh... Wow
Why don't they focus on deforestation in Brazil, instead of publishing a bunch of worthless numbers that no one actually pays attention to?
One does hope you're not paying for that piece of crap Pirate Bay gives you a great discount.
One does hope the Mac App Store soon includes the option to demo an app. This could be done in two ways, either a 'XX-day trial' (like normal demos), or they could use something like 'XX-hours of app use'.
So did I. It said both my MacBook Air and iMac had the virus, but ClamXav, Terminal, and this other piece of software all said I was clear. Madness.
As I said clearly, 'if other blog sites are to be believed.' I had my own doubts whether it was Wozniak or not, but I didn't particularly care.
If other blog sites are to be believed, it is the one and only Woz selling this.
But the government isn't bankrupt. So maybe you should climb back into your hole and go back to watching American Revolution history tapes.
I'm not necessarily disappointed with Apple, I just wish they'd pay some more tax. I think the government do need to do more in this sense, because multi-billion dollar/pound companies 'avoiding' tax is just... Wrong. Uh...Yeah we kinda do Not as high as US debt, but still over a trillion pounds.http://www.debtbombshell.com/You're full of more shit than the Daily Mail.
New Posts  All Forums: