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My friend is on the 3 network, he loves how fast the 3G network is. ... On those rare occasions when he can get signal.
How on Earth can they say they want to give all MPs iPads when Parliament doesn't even have useable Wifi?!I was having work experience at Parliament last summer, and even the IT technicians failed to connect to Wifi anywhere outside the central lobby or committee rooms. It doesn't work in the Commons, Lords, or even the terrace (a bar overlooking the River Thames).With all that said, it will be good to see an end to those horrible Windows 7 machines they have stuck...
I still don't see why Apple doesn't automatically give people 3 years of warranty + 1 year of phone support, and just use AppleCare to extend them both to 5 years. Kinda gives you a better feel of 'our computers last longer.'
Ah, but will it blend?
Buyback is good, gives shares to hard-working employees who grow the business. Dividend's are bad, gives rich 'investors' even more money; even though they don't contribute at all to the way Apple is run. It's like a sportsman paying the owner of the sports club, as opposed to the owner paying the sportsman. Surely, going from $370 in October 2011 to $590 in March 2012 is enough money for these 'investors'. Dividends are for companies with no room for growth, like...
I hope it's not a dividend. I hope it's education pricing for iPads and automatic AppleCare
It's hideous. It reminds me of an XBox...Box.
I think that the iPad third-gen will sport an A6 quad-core processor, with the Apple TV sporting an A5X. This makes sense to me. Which is why it'll probably be a dual-core A5X for the iPad and a standard A5 for the Apple TV.
Actually, usually DO like change. I thought Lion was absolutely amazing compared to Snow Leopard. I like the changed they've made with iOS and Mountain Lion. Heck, I completely love natural scrolling in Lion! The new Safari is the only thing I really dislike about ML, because it reminds me of Chrome; which I switched from last year.
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