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I still don't see why Apple doesn't automatically give people 3 years of warranty + 1 year of phone support, and just use AppleCare to extend them both to 5 years. Kinda gives you a better feel of 'our computers last longer.'
Ah, but will it blend?
Buyback is good, gives shares to hard-working employees who grow the business. Dividend's are bad, gives rich 'investors' even more money; even though they don't contribute at all to the way Apple is run. It's like a sportsman paying the owner of the sports club, as opposed to the owner paying the sportsman. Surely, going from $370 in October 2011 to $590 in March 2012 is enough money for these 'investors'. Dividends are for companies with no room for growth, like...
I hope it's not a dividend. I hope it's education pricing for iPads and automatic AppleCare
It's hideous. It reminds me of an XBox...Box.
I think that the iPad third-gen will sport an A6 quad-core processor, with the Apple TV sporting an A5X. This makes sense to me. Which is why it'll probably be a dual-core A5X for the iPad and a standard A5 for the Apple TV.
Actually, usually DO like change. I thought Lion was absolutely amazing compared to Snow Leopard. I like the changed they've made with iOS and Mountain Lion. Heck, I completely love natural scrolling in Lion! The new Safari is the only thing I really dislike about ML, because it reminds me of Chrome; which I switched from last year.
I downloaded Safari 5.2 through the developer portal for OS X Lion. It sucked, big time. I personally prefer having the URL and search bar separate, and the 'Reader' button in 5.2 is just... Ugly. And what the hell did they do to the tabs? I switched back to 5.1.
Don't you mean 'back to the customers'? You know, the ones that actually pay THE company, not pay FOR the company.
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