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Yeah, sure! Why not? Oh wait... ITV has been around for over 55 years and is the largest commercial broadcaster in the UK. Now, the chances are that (considering what the link the poster above said) Apple has already told ITV that they will not use the iTV name, as it would breach an EU trademark.
AppleInsider: You spelt 'worst' wrong.
So we shouldn't see any difference UNLESS the drive is screwed?
I may sound stupid here, but what was used before the EFI Firmware update? I see no difference on my iMac...
I think it would make more sense for Apple to co-develop special Intel chips for their Macs. Perhaps they could say to Intel that co-developing their own chips would be the only way they would even consider using Intel chips in iOS devices.
Nope. They BUY seats I have to agree that it probably wasn't the best font choice. But it's no biggy.
Virgin America have decided to name an Airbus A320 'stay hungry, stay foolish' in memory of Steve Jobs. Who was admired by Virgin Group Chairman Richard Branson.
I can't help but think in the Education video Eddie Cue looks like an animated character: http://www.apple.com/education/#video-textbooks Either way, I think this will be great for schools (like mine) planning on completely moving away from text and exercise books to iPads and Macs. This is technology, if used correctly, could really move schools 10 years ahead of where they are now.
Company size does not equal brand value. To me, it is all about showing a GE logo to somebody and seeing if they recognise it. Majority of people in the UK probably won't.
This is obviously poorly calculated and is probably taken from a sample of corporate CEOs. I didn't recognise the GE logo at all. I know who they are, kinda. They are not big in the UK or Europe, only really in America. IBM... Seriously? I can understand being in the top ten but 2nd? 1) Coca-Cola 2) Google 3) Apple 4) Facebook 5) McDonalds
New Posts  All Forums: