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I think Apple has given more than enough to its shareholders. Just because they don't pay dividend doesn't mean that shareholders don't get anything (especially considering the rate at which Apple stock has soared since '97).
I think they just help to reduce latency and bandwidth, especially at busy times.
What you'll find is that Apple will release the iPad Book in January, iPad Steve in February, iPad 5 in March, iPad Fools in April, 7" iPad in May.
I have to agree with Apple's legal stance here, it's quite annoying to see people making money off someone's death (like Sony releasing songs MJ never wanted released).Lol, 10 percent? A bit optimistic.
I hope they DON'T announce a dividend. Considering the money shareholders make from Apple stock AND the way they treat cancer patients. Dividends should be reserved for companies that have stopped growing.All of them thrown together might warrant one.
iWork and iLife '13? Updated iCloud with Photo Stream editing, Keychain Syncing and the merger of iWork.com and iCloud? I hope so. Edit:// I hope even more so they mention Sir Jony, Apple.com is still Knighthood-less.
A) It's British Empire B) It doesn't exist anymore C) So a man who designed many 'revolutionary' products cannot be given an honorary title alongside Helena Bonham-Carter or the local schoolteacher for services to design and enterprise?
Congratulations to Sir Jony, throughly deserved.Shut up dude, seriously.
I hope the ARM-Cortex A9 or A15 support 4k video, perhaps it could be the next TV revolution?
I don't see how stopping people going out and purchasing an expensive item (thus paying a lot of VAT on the item) is supposed to help anybody...Better not - they got there asses kicked last time.
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