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I hope the ARM-Cortex A9 or A15 support 4k video, perhaps it could be the next TV revolution?
I don't see how stopping people going out and purchasing an expensive item (thus paying a lot of VAT on the item) is supposed to help anybody...Better not - they got there asses kicked last time.
Unless you're Charlie Sheen...
I don't think I could have asked for a better first gift then Coldplay's live performance from the iTunes Festival. I can't help but think that Apple really love Coldplay... A lot.
Three things which I would die for: 1) Keychain syncing (So annoying registering for a site on my iMac, then needing to remember a ridiculously long password on my MacBook Air, then perhaps a week later needing once again to remember it for my iPhone...) 2) "Save to iCloud" option on iWork, just hit Cmd+S and press the iCloud icon and bam, it saves. Also opening documents from iCloud would be great 3) Multiuser iCloud iDisk - would be great for sharing files from...
Best place would have been the Potsdamer Platz canopy (where the Sony Centre is) nearish the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Cult of Mac Anyone else notice that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 11, iPad 11, iPod Touch 11 and Apple TV 10 next year.
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Isn't that called Android?
Jason from TechAU has created a video face-off between MicrosoftÂ’s voice recognition software, called TellMe, and Siri on the iPhone 4S. Jason tries to create a meeting, send a text message, check the time, and play an artist. While Siri gets each command correct, TellMe fails miserably every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHouk...layer_embedded (Taken from CultOfMac)
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