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Isn't that called Android?
Jason from TechAU has created a video face-off between Microsoft’s voice recognition software, called TellMe, and Siri on the iPhone 4S. Jason tries to create a meeting, send a text message, check the time, and play an artist. While Siri gets each command correct, TellMe fails miserably every time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHouk...layer_embedded (Taken from CultOfMac)
Perhaps they can get Ron Johnson to play the part of Phil Schiller
I would try to further prove your point but apparently death does not trigger an SEC filing.
Largest shareholder* Not majority
I am thinking that is caused by the fact that Jony Ive is not a U.S. Citizen, thus his appointment as an executive officer of Apple doesn't trigger an SEC filing. These fillings only apply to U.S. Citizens. So, if I were to become an executive, they wouldn't need to tell the SEC.
I personally would have rather seen Bill Campbell or Steve Wozniak (in a strictly ceremonial role though) as Chairman of the Board.
He has been Board co-lead since 2005 and has the time. I guess it's just experience.
Today Apple announced that Arthur D. Levinson, current co-lead of the Board of Directors, has been promoted to Chairman of the Board. While at the same time, they announced that Disney's Bob Iger has been appointed onto the Board. In a statement, Apple said: "Levinson has been a co-lead director of Apple’s board since 2005, has served on all three board committees— audit and finance, nominating and corporate governance, and compensation—and will continue to serve on...
New Posts  All Forums: