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It's a Nazi Emblem, not a banner.    But it was probably uncalled for.
    'Cougar' having no unfortunate political overtones? Of course not...;)   Of course, this is certainly a problem they face. And I understand that Black (and White) Panthers represent a number of specifically-coloured felines, rather than being an actual type of big cat. They may, however, go back to using a coloured Panther if they readopt more Aqua-like features (which may explain the use of the sea in the background).   It'll be interesting to see what they call it.
They still have the Clouded Leopard, Black Panther and White Panther.   I don't know if the Lynx counts as a 'Big Cat', and they may have a few issues with Axe.
I suppose it was better than 'OS X + iOS + iCloud = WWDC'...
My reaction...  
  Yes you can. If you have Mountain Lion (and Flickr set up in System Prefs), you can right-click any image and share it via Flickr.
  The fact that you had to rely on a site called christiannews.net to find this out makes the claim dubious. Unless you can find a reliable source for this then it's likely it never happened.
Now if only they'd be nice and open up a data centre in Europe...
  Helping out the locals in the UK :) http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4823608/Man-dressed-as-Batman-hands-in-criminal.html
The author is referring to the abandoned HP campus.
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