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My reaction...  
  Yes you can. If you have Mountain Lion (and Flickr set up in System Prefs), you can right-click any image and share it via Flickr.
  The fact that you had to rely on a site called christiannews.net to find this out makes the claim dubious. Unless you can find a reliable source for this then it's likely it never happened.
Now if only they'd be nice and open up a data centre in Europe...
  Helping out the locals in the UK :) http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4823608/Man-dressed-as-Batman-hands-in-criminal.html
The author is referring to the abandoned HP campus.
This is all part of Apple's master plan. They're deliberately driving down the stock price so that they will eventually have more money than the company will have value and BOOM.   Apple will buy itself back.
Haha - It's funny that I actually like what the EU does. I just can't stand the European Commission. It just created a huge democratic deficit. And UKIP? No thanks :)   Returning to the subject...   I find this is actually good news, especially if it means Samsung can't sue for use of FRAND patents.
Fixed it for you.
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