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It's such a long list they still haven't finished writing it out.
"Trackpadgate" No problems here.
Here is how I envision the Mac product line by the end of 2012: Macs:MacBook Air 11-inch - thinner at the thick end; potentially lighter MacBook (13-inch) - The replacement of the 13-inch MacBook Air, will be very similar to the current one MacBook Pro (13,15,17-inch) - MacBook Air styled, just with room for a dedicated GPU and better processor iMac - Mostly the same, obviously just with upgraded specs. I love the iMac design Mac Pro - Upgraded specs only +...
This isn't even a proper feature. It is there (probably) for Apple's testing purposes which somehow ended up in a final release.
I uploaded a file to this folder. It took about 30 seconds for it to arrive at iCloud.com and was soon appearing in Pages on my iPhone. This looks pretty neat. Also, if you have Numbers, Keynote and Pages documents already stored in ICloud, you can access them there.
Stop quoting Michael Dell
Haven't people put iKol on ignore? O_o Either way. I think that what Tim is doing is keeping Apple going. He will still make the final decision, but he would rather have multiple people to suggest ideas and keep the ball rolling then to just... Stop. I'm pretty sure Steve knew that this would be the way Tim would run the company.
I personally hope Ron joins the Board of Directors now, as he was a member of the Board at JC Penney while at Apple. Also, here is Ron's profile at JCP: http://www.jcpenney.net/Our-Company/...ive-Board.aspx
Poor old man... Must've been the drugs.I've found that, the best way to make money as a music artist is to go live. If you can't perform live then... You know the rest.Hey! We don't want him either!Because some guy from The Who has got Pirate Bay confused with iTunes?Is there some kind of arrangement if you're not actually signed up to a record label? I've always wondered this.
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